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Help guide

OK, we understand that you have entered this section looking for help. Here we come directly to you to explain in detail how we work, from the moment you contact us until your miniatures are ready to go home. For us, it is very important to tell you perfectly the whole process so that you don’t get lost along the way.

1.- You contact us

First of all, contact us through your favourite channel: you can fill in our quote request, send us an email… or send us a WhatsApp! Tell us what services you require and any specific information you think is important for us to know. If you need advice about the scheme, or any other issue, we are at your disposal. From there, we will prepare a definitive quote, which we will send you shortly after for your reply with the intention of going ahead with the project or not. Say no to ghosting, answer us if you want to continue or not!

2.- Receive your quote

It’s in your hands, do you accept it? Then we move on to the payment of a deposit of 50% or, if you prefer, you can make a payment in three parts of 33% each. It should be noted that, on average, it takes about six or seven weeks from the time you order the project to the time we complete it. If you choose to do it in 2 instalments, the last payment will be paid at this time. If you opt for 3 payments, it will be one when you book, one halfway through and the last one on completion.

3.- Specification sheet

After receiving the payment of the first deposit, we will send you an instruction sheet, in which you give us a detailed explanation about the whole project, in order to document it and make our work easier, remember that we have many commissions and many schemes in mind! If you have any doubts when it comes to filling it in, we are just a WhatsApp away for any queries you may have.

4.- The minis are coming

The time has come to receive the miniatures. We can take care of buying them, but if, on the other hand, the figures are at your home, we can arrange a day to pick them up for delivery. We pick them up all over Europe and at home, so keep this in mind!

5.- Hands on work

Once it’s your turn, we assign you a team of painters, who will be in charge of that particular project. We send you a mini sample (a complete photo gallery with all the details) so that you can see the final result and finish validating the initial idea; determine if we are going in the right direction or make any modifications you wish to the scheme. After giving us your approval, we will keep you updated on the progress on a daily basis, so you will be completely updated on all the information regarding your miniatures. The idea is that we will have the opportunity to advise you and discuss any questions that may arise during the process. It is a constant feedback.

6.- Completed project

Finally, we have finished and now what? Well, the project is not spared from going through quality control, where we analyse that the established standards have been met. With everything more than reviewed, it’s time for the catwalk show! With a multitude of photos and videos of the project so that you can confirm if everything is to your liking. If so, final payment and your miniatures will go directly to where you tell us. Ready!

However, if you have any questions or would like more information, please do not hesitate to write to us, we will be happy to help you!


Are minis travelling safely?

In this section we take special care, we don’t want any of your miniatures to get damaged during transport, whether it is from your home to the studio or once the project is finished, from the studio to your home. Surely we have already repeated it several times, but in Art-W Studio we are perfectionists, we take care of your miniatures as if they were our own, we know the value they have for you because we share the same feeling for this wonderful world, the world of miniatures. So just worry about choosing the paint levels and the strategy for the battle, we will take care of the rest.

Shipments arriving to the studio

We have a door-to-door collection service (national and EU level), convenient and safe. Deliveries are made within 24 to 48hrs, whether we send or collect. The important thing here is that your miniatures spend as little time travelling as possible to avoid damage. All you have to do is prepare the package so that your miniatures arrive safe and sound:

  1. To begin with, wrap your miniature individually, with a piece of bubble wrap.
  2. Take a box and line the sides of it with 1 or 2 layers of bubble wrap.
  3. Once you have the box ready, place your miniatures inside it so that there is no space between them.
  4. Once the miniatures are placed, fill the empty spaces between them with bubble wrap. Make sure everything is well compressed (do not overdo it, it is just to avoid movement as much as possible).
  5. Finally, say goodbye to the grey tide and seal the box well with tape in all its openings. Remember to attach the shipping label that we will have sent you by email or WhatsApp to the box.

Everything is ready to be sent, now it’s time to wait!

If for any reason a miniature arrives broken, we will fix it free of charge.

Shipments leaving the studio

When orders leave the studio, it indicates that they are finished projects, therefore, they deserve to be treated with double the care, much more delicate and special. Now your miniatures are looking their best, we can’t ruin it with a bad packaging. We have to take care of them as they deserve, as what they are, works of art. We have a long experience in shipping, we have an exceptional service. To achieve this, we have to say that we have tried hundreds of materials, packaging, foams, ways of packaging, and everything you can imagine in order to protect the finished projects. After so many tests we have opted for the best materials, the most innovative and the most resistant in terms of protection. On top of that, all our shipments are tracked and have a protection insurance to cover the content in case of any accident. All this so that you receive your order in perfect conditions. In our shipments you will find not only your miniatures, we will also send you some surprises to thank you for your loyalty to us, enjoy them!

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Need help with your minis?

Contact us and we will send you a personalised quote as soon as possible.