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Warhammer miniature assembly

Every time a new project comes to the studio, it goes through several processes. One of the most important (and not given all the attention it deserves) is the Warhammer miniature assembly and their proper cleaning of mould lines.

Bad assembly and incorrect cleaning will end up negatively affecting the final result. If you are looking for maximum quality, it is essential to take care of the small details and work on a clean canvas without imperfections.

Warhammer miniature assembly


Miniature assembly service

In Art-W Studio we want to offer you the best and to do so, we pay special attention to the smallest details.

Montaje de miniaturas Warhammer

We take care of every detail

Warhammer miniature assembly process

We make sure that the Warhammer miniature assembly process is attractive and coherent, with the aim of making your army unique and eye-catching. In addition, we strive to create dynamic and original poses so that your figures look more natural and realistic.

The mounting process of your miniatures is careful and we pay attention to every detail, carrying out all the necessary tasks, such as cutting, filing, gluing, drilling and filling the pieces with putty, with the aim of making sure that the assembly is perfect. Whether we carry out this process in the studio or not, we will check your miniatures and inform you of any aspect of the assembly that may be relevant.

Finishing of the miniatures

The assembly of your miniatures will be done in an eye-catching and coherent way, so that your army looks like no other. Our aim is to make your miniatures look dynamic in their poses and always with original compositions.

Below you can see our price table to see everything a bit clearer. If you need it, you can contact us, we will be happy to help you.

Warhammer miniature assembly

Magnetising 40k miniatures

In the process of assembling warhammer miniatures, we also offer the option of magnetising the pieces if you wish. This process has an additional cost that you can consult in your quote.

During the magnetising process, we can magnetise both special equipment and weapons. We will place special emphasis on making sure that all the miniatures in the same unit have their magnets in the same direction so that weapons can be easily swapped (without any magnets being repelled) and wreak havoc on your army.

In addition to the importance of the orientation of the magnets to exchange weapons, magnets are also fundamental in the bases for their perfect transfer. It is important to take care of the miniatures once they are finished, as this is equally or even more important than the previous process.

Our prices


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can buy them ourselves without any problem. In this case, we will require you to pay 100% of the purchase cost together with the initial 50% of the budget. You also have the option of buying them yourself and sending them to the studio. Or, if you have already bought them, you can send them or bring them directly to our studio.

You will have a complete follow up of all the stages of your order. We will be in direct contact via WhatsApp or, failing that, via email. However, if you prefer, you can also call us by phone.

You can request a quote using our Quote Request form on the contact page. Or get in touch using the Quick Contact form or any other means you consider appropriate.

Yes, we have an express project service. These will have a surcharge depending on the size of the order and the urgency.


Thomas Portait

They were very professional, very attentive and very serious/creative in their approach. It really is a studio that I recommend for your warhammer armies. They are listening. thanks for all

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Mitch Michaelson

They had the best customer service I’ve ever experienced. I didn’t have to over-explain what I wanted, they understood and ran with it. The final product was just what I wanted. They were fast and skilled. I will send them much more to paint

Opinion from

Gregor Mascher

Great service. superb communication, continuous progress reports. Will use their services again

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Great service. Fast respond to questions you may have. If you have a comission with Art-W and you want a status update. They respond quick with a lot of photos of there progress.

Opinion from

Daniel Ross

Super friendly and great communication throughout the whole process. Regular updates with WIP pictures and the models arrived safety in the UK well packaged and undamaged. Would highly recommend for model commissions and I will be a returning customer.

Opinion from

Oan Mkoll

An impeccable attention to the public and the work done is come on, there is no word written in the dictionary to describe how well the miniatures have turned out, 100% recommended

Opinion from

WireDragon78 Dragon

Great communication, patient and listening, a more than perfect job that will adorn my showcase in a spectacular way, they send you information on how your project is going.

Opinion from

Steph Britwolf

Very satisfied with the work good dialogue I recommend

Opinion from


Very good results for my minis. During the process there is a lot of communication and they show you the advancement and are willing to take your feedback or modification into account (changing colors, adding more bits, …) I am very happy with the final product

Opinion from

Jacob Forrester

Great service, kept contact all the way through the project and it arrived well packaged in one piece. Will be contacting them again

Opinion from

Alejandro Escobedo

A superb job, it’s not the first time I’ve worked with them on a project and it certainly won’t be the last. They always surprise you with their quality and attention to detail. Highly recommended!

Opinion from


Incredible result, very friendly treatment and unbeatable result and service, no doubt I trust them again!

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Pintores de miniaturas Warhammer

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