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Miniature painting studio

You want to customize your miniatures, but you don’t have time.
Don’t worry, we can sort it out.


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A small force of Ultramarines by our miniature painting studio at our Premium  level, a project where battle damage and weathering abound.

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Blood Angels

The Age of Darkness painted in the colour scheme of the Blood Angels set on their home world Baal.

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White Thousand sons

A full army of Thousand Sons composed of countless infantry troops.

See project

We bring your minis to life

We customize your Warhammer miniatures

Many of our customers like to customize there 40k miniatures. It’s part of the hobby and some do it occasionally. But they are aware that, to take their army to a higher level, where the quality and finishes are nothing like what they have seen so far, something more is needed.

That’s why they prefer to delegate the process to our miniature painting studio with a team of Warhammer miniature painters to take care of everything. This way, they can dedicate all their time to other things.

estudio de pintado de miniaturas

Level 1: Game

Our elemental finish, more than enough to look amazing on the table. We use the best techniques to achieve a striking, unique and impressive result. This means that, even as our first level, it exceeds all expectations.

estudio de pintado de miniaturas 40k

Level 2: Ornate

Our intermediate level, but well above average. This is why it is the most popular miniature paint level. If you are looking for a superior paint finish for your 40k troops or war machines, this level is ideal.

estudio de pintado de miniaturas warhammer

Level 3: Premium

The most impressive and stunning we offer, designed for the most demanding collectors. Warhammer miniatures at this level will catch everyone’s eye, will make more than one person’s mouth drop open and will make your opponents’ miniatures look as if they were painted by a 3 year old child.

How to choose a colour scheme in 7 easy steps

Download this free guide and find out how to choose an IMPACTFUL colour scheme for your army to turn heads

Get the perfect finish

More services

Now imagine how you’ll feel when you see your newly finished army

Miniature assembly

We assemble your miniatures taking care of every detail, from: cutting, filing, gluing, drilling and puttying the necessary pieces. In addition, we do it with dynamic poses so that they look much more realistic, natural and seem to come to life.

Miniature basing service

As with paint finishes, we work with 3 levels of finish for bases. This will allow you to give a greater realism to your miniatures and place your army in the environment you request. Take to the battlefield with your army.


An excellent option for the ones who want to give that extra detail to their miniatures and for all the eyes to be on them. We will draw the heraldry on your army or any masterpiece you can think of. You give us an idea and we will provide the skill.

Custom made

If you still want something unique, with levels of customization never seen before… Made to measure is for you, we will handcraft any miniature you have in mind and it will be unique and unequalled.

3D printing

We have the possibility to give even more personality to your project by printing all kinds of bits for your miniatures or to decorate the bases. A whole range of possibilities to customize your army.

What do people think about us?

Client reviews

If you want to know how we work and why our clients choose to count on us time and time again for their projects, take a look at our Google reviews.

Thomas Portait

They were very professional, very attentive and very serious/creative in their approach. It really is a studio that I recommend for your warhammer armies. They are listening. thanks for all

Mitch Michaelson

They had the best customer service I’ve ever experienced. I didn’t have to over-explain what I wanted, they understood and ran with it. The final product was just what I wanted. They were fast and skilled. I will send them much more to paint.

Gregor Mascher

Great service. superb communication, continuous progress reports. Will use their services again.


Great service. Fast respond to questions you may have. If you have a comission with Art-W and you want a status update. They respond quick with a lot of photos of there progress.

Daniel Ross

Super friendly and great communication throughout the whole process. Regular updates with WIP pictures and the models arrived safety in the UK well packaged and undamaged. Would highly recommend for model commissions and I will be a returning customer.

Oan Mkoll

An impeccable attention to the public and the work done is come on, there is no word written in the dictionary to describe how well the miniatures have turned out, 100% recommended.

WireDragon78 Dragon

Great communication, patient and listening, a more than perfect job that will adorn my showcase in a spectacular way, they send you information on how your project is going.

Steph Britwolf

Very satisfied with the work good dialogue I recommend.

Pintores de miniaturas Warhammer

Need help with your minis?

Contact us and we will send you a personalised quote as soon as possible.