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Frequently Asked Questions

Fill in the form on our website and we will contact you as soon as possible

You can request a quote using our Quote Request form on the contact page. Or get in touch using the Quick Contact form or any other means you consider appropriate.
WhatsApp: +34 722306002

The price in all the tables is stipulated per miniature.

Yes, we work with a minimum order of 250€ + VAT. In case you intend to order below this cost, we offer you the alternative of placing a joint order with a friend to reach the required minimum.

Yes, as long as the minimum of 250€ + VAT is exceeded. But keep in mind that this way it will probably be more expensive than ordering the whole project.

Yes, we can buy them ourselves without any problem. In this case, we will require you to pay 100% of the purchase cost together with the initial 50% of the budget. You also have the option of buying them yourself and sending them to the studio. Or, if you have already bought them, you can send them or bring them directly to our studio.

Yes, in both cases we ship worldwide. We pack your miniatures with great care so that they are safe during transport and can reach any destination.

Yes, we do. We offer a door-to-door pick-up and delivery service. You tell us when and where you want us to pick up your army, and we will send a delivery person to pick it up and bring it to the studio. And the same when the project is finished. Just tell us when and where you want to receive it and we will send it to you right there. We adapt to your schedule (pick up service only in Spain and on demand in the EU).

This is a matter of great concern to us, and we put all our energies into it. We pack as carefully as possible to ensure the integrity of all models shipped. This consists of individual protection per model and additional protection per set in order to minimise the internal movement of the package. If you want to know more details about our packaging system, click here.

Yes, the initial quotation already includes the shipping costs.

You will have a complete follow up of all the stages of your order. We will be in direct contact via WhatsApp or, failing that, via email. However, if you prefer, you can also call us by phone.

You can pay by PayPal or by bank transfer. It is also possible to come to the studio and pay in cash.

Yes, of course. To make it easier for you and because we don’t want money to be a problem, we offer payment in monthly instalments WITHOUT INTEREST or hidden commissions. Contact us for more information and to get all the details.

Yes, you can split it into instalments of 250, 500, 1000€ … whatever is most convenient for you. We will keep the colour palette and the recipe used in your miniatures in a safe place so that we can replicate it in future deliveries.

Yes, we have an express project service. These will have a surcharge depending on the size of the order and the urgency.

Of course you can. You can choose a miniature paint level for each of the units, just like with the base levels. You can combine them as you prefer.

Yes, if you have painted miniatures we can unpaint them without any problem. In this case, the cost of the service would be calculated once we have seen the state of the miniatures. However, we always recommend painting new miniatures to obtain a higher paint finish.

Of course, no hidden recipes or secrecy. You will always know what techniques and colours we are applying. We believe blindly in co-creation and we know that, sometimes, what you lack is time and not skill to paint miniatures by your own models. So if, for example, you would like to paint a general while we paint the bulk of the army, we will help you with tips to make your mini look as good as possible.