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Miniature painting service

Waiting for divine inspiration to surprise you one fine day to paint miniatures or letting us do it for you?

Painting an army to a high level could take around 200 hours for a professional miniature painter. In the case of someone with less experience, this time could be multiplied by two, three or even four times. Up to 800 hours to paint it.

Are you really willing to invest so many hours? Perhaps the time has come to delegate the process and let us take care of everything for you.

Unique and personalised

Miniature painting service

In the studio we have three levels of finishing: Game, Ornate and Premium, but why only three levels, when there are studios that have six or even seven? Unlike other studios, we do not organise the painting according to a process pattern, but according to the total time it will take us to paint each project.

When a client chooses for example the Game finishing level, which is the first of our levels, we don’t do it with a worse technique or a poorer application, because we always paint all the miniatures to the maximum capacity.

Being a customised and personalised service, it is also possible to combine the levels, since in the same order we could paint several miniatures at different levels. For example, tanks in the Ornate level and troops in the game level.

To make it clearer, see what each level includes.

Level 1: Game

See level

Level 2: Ornate

See level

Level 3: Premium

See level


Level 1: Game

Look the part in battle

This level is perfect for all your games and for deploying an impressive army on the battlefield. It’s meant for large hordes or schemes with little complexity.

Although it is our most basic finish, it is more than enough to look amazing on the table. This means that, even being the first level of finish we offer, it exceeds the expectations of all our customers

You will see a sample miniature

To avoid surprises, before starting with your army to validate your initial idea.

We will follow up with you on a daily basis

We will communicate with you throughout the process so you can see how it is coming along.

Our work methodology

For us, there aren’t two projects alike, each project is unique and personalised. That is why we will work as a team with you through Co-Creation.

Although you can count on our advice, we also want you to be the one to decide what you want. That is why we will provide ideas for your project, but we will always try to stick as closely as possible to your initial plan

High-Quality Tabletop

Attractive design and dazzling details to enhance the gaming experience.

Battle damage and weathering

Attractive design and dazzling details to enhance the gaming experience.

Major lighting and shading

Gives them a more finished look and creates a sense of depth and volume.

Basic special effects

Super eye-catching light effects (OSL) on the tabletop, or blood splatter to show the ferocity of your troops are some of the effects we will be working on.


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Download the free paint guide

Download this free guide and discover how to choose an IMPACTFUL colour scheme for your army to turn heads


Level 2: Ornate

Well above average

If you are looking for elites, your most experienced troops or war machines to look like real war veterans, then this level is ideal for you to achieve this goal.

This is the paint level of choice for our customers. Perfect to apply to a whole army without fear of taking it out to play in case it falls off during a game.

You will see a sample miniature

To avoid surprises, before starting with your army to validate your initial idea.

We will follow up with you on a daily basis

We will communicate with you throughout the process so you can see how it is coming along.

This is what we will do

Before starting the project, we will define the colour schemes we are going to use. We paint a figure as an example and send you a report including photos and video so that you can see how it looks.

If you give your approval, we continue with the rest of the figures and send you photos and videos throughout the process so that you can see the progress each day. Until you are completely satisfied with the result, the project is not finished.

Display Quality

Perfect for those who are looking for a great finish for their minis. Optimal for any display case.

Close attention to detail

At this level nothing is overlooked, everything is well defined and worked out to make the miniatures look amazing.

Advanced special effects

Amazing effects that will take your miniatures to another level, rust, advanced OSL, battle damage…

Texturing on different materials

We work on the textures of the different elements such as leather, fabrics, skins… to give your miniatures an unequalled realism.


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How to choose a colour scheme in 7 easy steps

Download this free guide and find out how to choose an IMPACTFUL colour scheme for your army to turn heads


Level 3: Premium

The most impactful

The jewel in the crown. Designed for those who have proven their worth on the battlefield, ideal for giving monsters, heroes and commanders in your armies that extra something extra.

Characters at this level will catch all eyes and make your friends even willing to fight for them.

Although it is not intended to be a competition level, it is a finish that could well be in a museum.

You will see a sample miniature

To avoid surprises, before starting with your army to validate your initial idea.

We will follow up with you on a daily basis

We will communicate with you throughout the process so you can see how it is coming along.

What sets us apart from the rest

In addition to the quality we offer in each of the finishing levels (which you will have seen above), what sets us apart from the rest is our unique style that comes from Grimdark, but with our own touches that provide a greater contrast. This makes the miniatures much more impressive both in the display case and on the gaming table. That is our hallmark and wherever you go, you will recognise them.

Collectors Quality

For the most demanding collectors, finished above box-art, to be kept in a showcase and not to be touched!

Advanced techniques

We will use all our knowledge and painting techniques to achieve the best finishes.

Veteran artists

Only painters who have been working in the studio for more than 1 year will undertake such a feat, we want to ensure premium quality.

Unique custom made pieces

Completely customised under your guidelines, there will be no other piece like it painted in any collection.


Do you want to download our tariff catalogue?

Frequently Asked Questions

The price in all the tables is stipulated per miniature.

Yes, we work with a minimum order of 250€ + VAT. In case you intend to order below this cost, we offer you the alternative of placing a joint order with a friend to reach the required minimum.

Yes, as long as the minimum of 250€ + VAT is exceeded. But keep in mind that this way it will probably be more expensive than ordering the whole project.

Of course, no hidden recipes or secrecy. You will always know what techniques and colours we are applying. We believe blindly in co-creation and we know that, sometimes, what you lack is time and not skill to paint your own models. So if, for example, you would like to paint a general while we paint the bulk of the army, we will help you with tips to make your mini look as good as possible

Of course you can. You can choose a paint level for each of the units, just as you can with the base levels.

Yes, if you have painted miniatures we can unpaint them without any problem. In this case, the cost of the service would be calculated once we have seen the state of the miniatures. However, we always recommend painting new miniatures to obtain a higher paint finish.


Thomas Portait

They were very professional, very attentive and very serious/creative in their approach. It really is a studio that I recommend for your warhammer armies. They are listening. 😉🙂😀🙃🙂 thanks for all

Opinion from

Mitch Michaelson

They had the best customer service I’ve ever experienced. I didn’t have to over-explain what I wanted, they understood and ran with it. The final product was just what I wanted. They were fast and skilled. I will send them much more to paint

Opinion from

Gregor Mascher

Great service. superb communication, continuous progress reports. Will use their services again

Opinion from


Great service. Fast respond to questions you may have. If you have a comission with Art-W and you want a status update. They respond quick with a lot of photos of there progress.

Opinion from

Daniel Ross

Super friendly and great communication throughout the whole process. Regular updates with WIP pictures and the models arrived safety in the UK well packaged and undamaged. Would highly recommend for model commissions and I will be a returning customer.

Opinion from

Oan Mkoll

An impeccable attention to the public and the work done is come on, there is no word written in the dictionary to describe how well the miniatures have turned out, 100% recommended

Opinion from

WireDragon78 Dragon

Great communication, patient and listening, a more than perfect job that will adorn my showcase in a spectacular way, they send you information on how your project is going.

Opinion from

Steph Britwolf

Very satisfied with the work good dialogue I recommend

Opinion from


Very good results for my minis. During the process there is a lot of communication and they show you the advancement and are willing to take your feedback or modification into account (changing colors, adding more bits, …) I am very happy with the final product

Opinion from

Jacob Forrester

Great service, kept contact all the way through the project and it arrived well packaged in one piece. Will be contacting them again

Opinion from

Alejandro Escobedo

A superb job, it’s not the first time I’ve worked with them on a project and it certainly won’t be the last. They always surprise you with their quality and attention to detail. Highly recommended!

Opinion from


Incredible result, very friendly treatment and unbeatable result and service, no doubt I trust them again!

Opinion from

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