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From Sprues to Glory: How to Assemble Warhammer Vol. I

    Welcome fellow enthusiasts to this detailed guide on how to assemble Warhammer miniatures. With careful attention to detail and a keen eye for precision, assembling your own Warhammer models can be a rewarding journey from simple sprues to glorious tabletop warriors.

    The art of Warhammer assembly can be daunting for beginners. The intricate parts and complex designs of the miniatures might seem overwhelming.

    But worry not!

    Like any craft, learning how to assemble Warhammer miniatures is a journey of steady progress.

    Each sprue you cut, every mould line you remove, and every piece you glue together, you’re refining your skills, increasing your knowledge, and getting one step closer to crafting the perfect miniature.



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    Mesa de trabajo de un pintor de miniaturas Warhammer, mostrando cómo montar Warhammer con precisión

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    Setting the Foundation: Understanding Your Sprues

    The sprues are your canvas – the skeletal structures from which your miniature heroes are born. Every Warhammer model begins its life within these frames, awaiting the moment it will be released to take its rightful place on the battlefield.

    Identifying the Pieces

    Before we begin cutting, it’s important to familiarize ourselves with each part. Every piece is numbered and corresponds to a specific location on the miniature. Make sure to consult your instructions to avoid confusion later.

    Alicate de corte junto a una matriz de Warhammer, preparación de piezas para el montaje

    Cutting and Cleaning

    The cutting process requires a steady hand and sharp clippers. Ensure you’re cutting as close to the piece as possible to avoid leftover material. Afterwards, use a hobby knife to remove any remaining mold lines or sprue connections. Remember, a sharper blade is safer as it requires less pressure and offers more control.

    Proceso de cómo montar Warhammer, eliminando las líneas de molde y las uniones con una cuchilla

    The Assembly: The Art of Gluing

    With your pieces ready, it’s time to put everything together. Gluing might seem simple, but it’s actually where a lot of the magic happens. Done correctly, it’s a process that binds your pieces into a cohesive whole, making the assembled model stronger and more stable.

    Precision is Key

    Gluing is an exercise in restraint. You need to apply just enough plastic glue to bond the pieces without obscuring their intricate details. Apply the glue with a fine-tipped applicator and always press the pieces together gently to prevent unnecessary spillage.

    Taking it to the Next Level: Advanced Techniques

    Once you’ve mastered the basics, you’re ready to explore advanced techniques. One of the secrets of expert Warhammer assembly involves making your own gap-filler: sprue glue.

    Crafting Your Own Sprue Glue

    Leftover sprues are far from useless. In fact, they can be used to create your very own sprue glue – an invaluable tool in perfecting your models. Simply cut your leftover sprues into tiny pieces and put them into a pot. Then, pour enough plastic glue into the pot to cover the sprue pieces. Over the course of a few days, the sprues will dissolve into a paste that you can use to fill any gaps in your models.

    Creando sprue glue como parte del proceso de cómo montar Warhammer

    Filling the Gaps

    To fill in gaps on your models, you’ll apply a small amount of your newly crafted sprue glue to the area, smooth it out, and let it dry. This technique can make a huge difference in the appearance of your models, and is especially useful when you’re customizing or converting your models for unique battle scenarios.

    Uso de sprue glue en el proceso de cómo montar Warhammer para disimular juntas

    Finishing Touches

    Lastly, you’ll need to add those all-important finishing touches. This could include drilling holes in gun barrels or adding extra details to your models. These small details can bring your models to life and give them personality on the battlefield.

    Proceso de cómo montar Warhammer, perforando los cañones con un taladro manual


    The process of learning how to assemble Warhammer is a journey that combines craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a whole lot of passion. It’s a skill that’s not only about creating a playable piece for your game but also about bringing a piece of the Warhammer universe to life. And with each model you assemble, you’ll find yourself becoming more immersed in the intricate lore and epic battles that make Warhammer such a beloved hobby for so many. Happy assembling!


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