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How to start a Warhammer army

    The Warhammer universe, more than a very popular board game for fantasy fans, is a huge and very interesting universe. This kind of entertainment is for everyone, but the truth is that many do not know how to start your Warhammer miniatures army.

    However, it is not just about collecting the miniatures you like the most, but it has a very broad background, which you need to understand. Therefore, we have lovingly prepared this material that will help any beginner to know how to start their miniature collection. If you stay with us until the end, you will be able to clear all those doubts and have the most orderly way to achieve a great collection. ¡So without further ado, let’s get on with it!

    Mario Terrón

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    How to start a Warhammer army

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    Take a moment to delve into the lore

    Collecting members of your favourite army without thinking about it can be tempting, but knowing every detail about that army is vitally important when it comes to making a good collection and start a Warhammer army.

    While it is true that the Warhammer stories are quite extensive, the narratives of the conflicts that plague the world, its nations and factions have always caught our attention. That is why the first step is to know the history, every army, every nation and faction has its background and its reason for being.

    Understanding this helps your collection make sense and follow the logic of history. It would be very frowned upon and catastrophic if you mix armies from two factions that have nothing to do with each other. To avoid this when you start a Warhammer army and do things the right way, you need to understand the history behind each faction. This is also important when diving into the game, as you will be able to understand everything that happens and why it happens in a certain way.

    Never stop reading

    Why take the time to read, you may ask? For any beginner in any discipline, it is necessary to take the time to learn the basics and become familiar with the rules of that discipline.

    In the case of Warhammer, it is very necessary to understand the historical context that shapes the story. In addition, it is important to familiarise yourself with the army books where you will find painting tips and colour schemes for your miniatures as well as equipment options with which to assemble your units. This is so that you don’t end up building something that goes against the fundamentals of your army and you can play your games without any problems.

    This is why you should always keep yourself informed and documented. Get hold of the army book of the faction you are interested in and study it. On our web you can always find summarised information about some aspects of the Warhammer storyline. The important thing is that you keep reading and learning more about the historical context of this universe.

    The lore is what gives meaning to the existence of every character, every territory and every army. If you don’t know the reason for the existence of an army, it becomes a bit difficult to start a collection of that army.

    Don’t rush it

    Getting carried away by the excitement and passion that this hobby can generate in you can happen, but you must avoid it at all costs in order to do things right. That’s why you should take time to understand every detail about the story, assemble your miniatures and paint them well. All of this takes time.

    Every hobby needs a minimum amount of time to feel that it has been worth it with the experience you gain over the days.

    So the investments you make, not only have to be monetary, but should give you great satisfaction as your collection grows, and this takes time.

    How to start a Warhammer army of miniatures

    It is always good to take the necessary preparation time to achieve a collection that looks as good as possible so that you have a good experience with other members of the hobby. After all, out of respect for the hobby and the members who enjoy it, you should be patient and take the time to prepare and do things the right way.

    Your dedication is the most valuable thing

    By way of summary, you know that you should spend a lot of time reading and familiarising yourself with the Warhammer lore if you ask how to start your Warhammer miniatures army. Logging on to forums and watching videos explaining the basics of this world can be very helpful. The point is, the more time you spend in the hobby, the better your results will be.

    Many people, in order to save time, even decide to hire a miniature painting service. There are also others who find it fascinating to assemble and paint their miniatures themselves, always remembering that they must be well painted. Those who decide to hire painting services is precisely to dedicate more time to get information, play with friends or in tournaments, etc.

    Dedication is invaluable when starting a Warhammer army

    The point is, no matter what, dedication is invaluable to achieve satisfactory results in this world. Surround yourself with a good community that can give you advice, better if they are people with Warhammer experience.

    Attending Warhammer-related events in your city or a nearby town can be a good idea for a beginner. This way you can start to see what Warhammer is all about up close. It will also help you to fall more and more in love with the hobby and understand it much better.

    Something that could be great for you as a beginner is to get a small unit to start with, keep in mind that the economic side is also an important aspect of collecting miniatures.

    It is by no means advisable to get a whole army at once if you are new to this. Enjoy the process, understand it and fall in love with it gradually. Getting a starter box can be an excellent idea.

    Do not despair or be afraid to start, as no player in the world was born with a whole collection in his hands, but gradually spent and invested his time and money in obtaining each of his characters to achieve a powerful army that can showcase or defeat enemy armies.

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