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Admech Stygies VIII Army

    Admech Stygies VIII Army
    Color and paint schemes

    Enter the mechanized world of Admech Stygies VIII Army through our latest project at Art-W Studio. We faced the challenge of bringing to life a formidable host of the mechanicus cult, led by the venerable Belisarius Cawl and his mechanical followers.
    From the intricate assembly of the 30 Skitarii Rangers to the strategic magnetization of the imposing Kastelan Robots, each phase of this project was an ode to skill and dedication. Immersed in the distinctive Stygies VIII color scheme, each miniature is a masterpiece of dark robes, red armor and golden accents.
    The bases, set in a forge world with reddish earth and industrial remnants, add depth to the visual narrative. In addition, we incorporated 3D printed elements to elevate the aesthetic appearance of the bases, fusing modern technology with traditional craftsmanship.
    From meticulous assembly to painting on three different levels, our team has invested their passion into every detail.


    Warhammer 40k

    ✻ Admech Stygies VIII Army


    ✻ Basing


    ✻ Magnetizing

    3D Printing

    Ejército Admech Stygies VIII

    Customer briefing

    The Path of the Cult Mechanicus

    This monumental project began with a unique connection between Art-W Studio and our valued client. He discovered us through the Warhammer community, captivated by our commitment to excellence in custom miniature painting. When he came to us with his vision of a mechanicus cult force under the aegis of Stygies VIII, we knew we were in for an extraordinary challenge.
    From the first contact, the client expressed his desire to capture the essence of Stygies VIII in every detail of his army. He requested precise assembly of each miniature, strategic magnetization for variable armament options, and a paint scheme true to the forge world. Although the client did not specify all armament options, his flexibility allowed us to come up with creative solutions, such as magnetizing the larger units and heroes.

    Ejército Admech Stygies VIII

    Photo of the project Game, Ornate & Premium level

    Kawaii Screens and Expert Brushes

    From initial assembly to final details, we have kept our client immersed at every step through daily photos that capture the evolution of their cult mechanicus army.
    The collaboration of our team of seven painters is reflected in every image. Meticulous assembly, strategic magnetization and unique challenges, such as the Ironstrider Ballistarii, are woven into a visual tapestry that illustrates the complexity and beauty of the process. The playful note of kawaii emoticons on the Kastelan Robots’ displays added a touch of fun to the meticulousness of the work.
    Smooth communication with the client was essential. Every query was answered with clarity, and his enthusiasm grew with each progress photo. These images are not only a record of the process, but also a testament to an exceptional collaboration that culminated in a masterpiece of cult mechanicus.

    Ejército Admech Stygies VIII

    Admech Stygies VIII Army Admech Stygies VIII Army Admech Stygies VIII Army Admech Stygies VIII Army Admech Stygies VIII Army Admech Stygies VIII Army Admech Stygies VIII Army Admech Stygies VIII Army Admech Stygies VIII Army Admech Stygies VIII Army Admech Stygies VIII Army

    Ejército Admech Stygies VIII

    Tech Priest Manipulus, Ornate level

    Ejército Admech Stygies VIII

    Tech Priest Dominus Ornate

    Ejército Admech Stygies VIII

    Skitarii Rangers Game

    Ejército Admech Stygies VIII

    Onager Dunecrwler Ornate

    Ejército Admech Stygies VIII

    Skitarii Vanguard, Game level

    Ejército Admech Stygies VIII

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