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Aeldari Ynnari Army

    Aeldari Ynnari Army
    Color and paint schemes

    On this occasion, we plunged into the fascinating universe of the Aeldari Ynnari Army. This project led us to the creation of an amazing collection composed of legendary figures such as the Yncarne, the imposing Avatar of Khaine, the lethal Fuegan, the stealthy Karandras, and many other emblematic characters of the Eldar.
    With an army that ranges from the mysterious Rangers to the swift Swooping Hawks and the imposing War Walkers. We assembled each of these miniatures with our characteristic care and precision, making sure that every detail was in place before diving into the amazing world of painting.
    The ochre and off-white tones we chose for this army perfectly capture the unmistakable spectral bone that adorns the Eldar. However, we added our distinctive touch by combining these shades with strategic black areas and flashes of greenish, dying light. Each miniature stands on 3D printed bases, replicating the majesty of an Aeldari world, with ancestral ruins and soul gems that enhance the setting.
    To further differentiate our creations, we swapped patterns on some units, such as the Swooping Hawks, whose wings and helmets glow a neat, distinctive white. In addition, we magnetized equipment options on tanks and bipods, as well as on the Wraith Guard, providing tactical versatility to this formidable army.
    This Aeldari Ynnari Army project, with over 500 hours of dedication, has been an exciting journey led by the master of paintbrushes, Pedro. From the early stages of assembly to the final brush strokes, every moment has been an opportunity to exceed expectations and shape an epic army.


    Warhammer 40k

    ✻ Aeldari Ynnari Army


    ✻ 3D printing


    ✻ Basing


    Ejército Aeldari Ynnari

    Customer briefing

    Aeldari Conquest: In the Footsteps of the Ynnari

    Our journey with the Aeldari Ynnari Army began with an intriguing message from a passionate collector, immersed in the vastness of Warhammer. He discovered the magic of Art-W Studio through our networks, where each miniature comes to life with a unique touch. In his quest to bring to life an army of Aeldaris followers of Ynnead, our client contacted us with a clear vision in mind.
    From the outset, he was looking to capture the essence of the Eldar’s signature spectral bone in each miniature. He wanted our team to capture the nuances of this color scheme in an imposing army. But not only that, he also challenged us to set each base in an eldar world, with ancestral ruins and soul gems telling the story of their ancestors.
    It was an exciting request that immersed us in creativity and pushed us to explore new boundaries. The client-artist connection was forged in a shared passion for the Warhammer universe, and every detail of the project reflects that fusion of visions.

    Ejército Aeldari Ynnari

    Photo of part of the project Premium level

    From Spectral Bone to Reality

    The epic journey with the Ynnari led us to share not only the final result, but every step of the way with our client. Through daily progress photos, we gave you an exclusive window into the creative process at Art-W Studio.
    From the exciting initial assembly to the first brush strokes that brought these legendary miniatures to life, each image was a piece of the puzzle. We shared the color scheme choices, allowing the client to immerse themselves in the evolution of their vision. The 3D printers worked tirelessly, sculpting bases that told stories of ancient ruins and soul gems.
    Under Pedro’s expert direction, our team of painters spent hours on every detail, creating an army that transcended expectations. Daily photos became a visual chronicle, showing the progress from blank canvas to the creation of Warhammer masterpieces.
    Each progress photo was a commitment to transparency, where collaboration and client emotion were intertwined in every stroke.

    Ejército Aeldari Ynnari

    Aeldari Ynnari Army Aeldari Ynnari Army Aeldari Ynnari Army Aeldari Ynnari Army Aeldari Ynnari Army Aeldari Ynnari Army Aeldari Ynnari Army Aeldari Ynnari Army Aeldari Ynnari Army

    Ejército Aeldari Ynnari

    Wraithguard, Premium level

    Ejército Aeldari Ynnari

    Autarch, Premium level

    Ejército Aeldari Ynnari

    Avatar of Khaine Premium

    Ejército Aeldari Ynnari

    Yncarne Premium

    Ejército Aeldari Ynnari

    War Walkers, Premium level

    Ejército Aeldari Ynnari

    ¡Increíbles! Entre estos y las anteriores remesas ya darán un pelín de miedo en mesa xD


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