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Black Dark Angels

    Black Dark Angels
    Color and paint schemes

    Step into the darkness with our latest project at Art-W Studio, where we’ve created an army of Dark Angels with an intriguing twist. What makes this project so special? Let me take you through the details.
    From the imposing Lieutenant to the stealthy Infiltrators, each miniature has been carefully selected and assembled to create an unstoppable force. But this is where the real magic begins. We’ve played with the color schemes, fusing the essence of the Dark Angels with the mystery of the DeathWatch. The black shoulder pads add a touch of intimidation, while the wine red brings a vibrant, bold contrast.
    And don’t worry, no detail has been overlooked. Each miniature has been painted to game level, with meticulous attention to detail, from the base coats of paint to the delicate finishing touches. The bases, designed to transport you to a desolate battlefield, are adorned with skulls and elements that bring the scene to life.
    But that’s not all. To add an extra layer of realism, we have incorporated 3D printed elements into some of the miniatures, raising the level of detail and quality even further. Overall, this project represents Art-W Studio’s commitment to excellence and creativity in the world of Warhammer modeling.


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    Ángeles Oscuros Negros

    Customer briefing

    Dark Angels renewed

    It all started with an intriguing idea and a message in our inbox. A customer passionate about the world of Warhammer approached us with a special request: he wanted a Dark Angels army with a distinctive DeathWatch touch.
    His vision was clear: a dark but imposing scheme, with black shoulder pads evoking the might of the DeathWatch. In addition, he wanted each miniature to be accurately assembled and painted with a level of detail that captured the unique essence of these imperial forces.
    In short, he challenged us to merge two iconic factions into a stunning set that reflected his unique vision of the Warhammer universe.

    Ángeles Oscuros Negros

    Photo of the project Game level

    We merged Dark Angels with DeathWatch

    The journey of this project has been a roller coaster of creativity and dedication. From day one, we immersed ourselves in the task of bringing our client’s vision to life.
    Every step of the process was meticulously documented and shared with him, from the first color scheme tests to the final touches on the bases. Through daily photos, our client witnessed the progress of his army, watching each miniature come to life with every brush stroke and every detail added.
    It was an exciting journey full of challenges and discoveries, but in the end, the result speaks for itself: a Dark Angels army with a unique DeathWatch touch that exceeds all expectations.

    Ángeles Oscuros Negros


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    Black Dark Angels Black Dark Angels Black Dark Angels Black Dark Angels Black Dark Angels Black Dark Angels Black Dark Angels Black Dark Angels Black Dark Angels Black Dark Angels Black Dark Angels Black Dark Angels Black Dark Angels Black Dark Angels Black Dark Angels

    Ángeles Oscuros Negros

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    Ángeles Oscuros Negros

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    Ángeles Oscuros Negros

    ¡Increíbles! Entre estos y las anteriores remesas ya darán un pelín de miedo en mesa xD


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