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Chaos Cultist

    Chaos Cultist
    Color and paint schemes

    At Art-W Studio, we plunged into the dark depths of Warhammer to bring to life an epic project: the painting of the fearsome chaos cultist miniatures of KillTeam Ashes of Faith. A commission that led us to explore the chaotic essence of these figures, each one more twisted and sinister than the last.
    This formidable set of cultists consists of 10 Chaos cultists, 5 Mutant cultists, 3 Torment cultists and 5 Dark commune, each with their own grotesque beauty. We embarked on the challenge of highlighting the details in pale skins, black and red robes, and tarnished metals, following the scheme of the box, but with our unique touch. The mutants and possessed, witnesses to the flames of the underworld, are dressed in blacks and ashes, highlighting the deformities with fire OSL effects.
    In this thrilling journey, we merge our skills to assemble the miniatures, apply layers of paint with an unsurpassed level of detail and bring the bases to life with 3D printed elements, creating a devastated urban environment that echoes the desolation that the cultists sow in their wake.


    Warhammer 40k

    Chaos Cultist



    ✻ Basing

    3D printing

    Chaos Cultist

    Customer briefing

    Flaming Paint

    In the shadows of Warhammer, our studio, attracted the attention of a chaos forces enthusiast. This master tactician discovered us with a clear vision: the KillTeam Ashes of Faith chaos cultist miniatures were to become chaotic masterpieces under our hands.
    This commander not only tasked us with painting figures, but also challenged us to encapsulate the essence of urban destruction and fire in each miniature. He wanted us to follow the color scheme of the box, but with a special focus on highlighting the fiery elements that characterize these chaos-hungry cultists.
    In this fusion of creativity and challenge, we dove headfirst into the project. This client didn’t just look to us to paint miniatures; he entrusted us with the task of bringing his vision of chaos to life, a challenge we embraced with passion and determination.

    Chaos Cultist

    Project photo Ornate level

    Chaos Creates Life at Art-W Studio

    The creation of the KillTeam Ashes of Faith chaos cultist miniatures became a dance between creativity and darkness. Our skilled painter, Adam, orchestrated this chaotic symphony from the initial assembly to the final brushstroke. The goal? To capture the essence of chaos in every detail.
    After strategically choosing the cultist to lead the process, Adam immersed himself in the painting, bringing the cultists and the conclave to life. The pedestals, adorned with 3D printed elements, became the devastated urban setting that frames this tale of corruption. The sorcerers, with their magical touches of fire, stood out, while the possessed cultists, the jewel in the crown, emerged with a stunning duality of demonic and human skin, highlighted by lighting effects.
    We progressed step by step, sharing with the client the daily progress through photos. From the first brush strokes to the dusty gray bases that closed the urban narrative, each image was a glimpse into the metamorphosis of these miniatures into chaotic masterpieces.

    Chaos Cultist

    Chaos Cultist Chaos Cultist Chaos Cultist Chaos Cultist Chaos Cultist Chaos Cultist Chaos Cultist Chaos Cultist Chaos Cultist Chaos Cultist Chaos Cultist

    Chaos Cultist

    Cult Demagogue, Ornate level

    Chaos Cultist

    Mindwitch, Ornate level

    Chaos Cultist

    Chaos Cultist followers Ornate

    Chaos Cultist

    Iconarch Ornate

    Chaos Cultist

    Chaos Cultist, Ornate level

    Chaos Cultist

    ¡Increíbles! Entre estos y las anteriores remesas ya darán un pelín de miedo en mesa xD


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