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Creature Caster Monsters

    Creature Caster Monsters
    Color and paint schemes

    Recently, in Art-W Studio, we have finished an impressive project that has left us very satisfied. This commission consisted of the painting and assembly of five extraordinary miniatures: three spectacular Creature Casters demons and two limited Warhammer+ figures. Each piece has received a detailed and specialized treatment to bring out the best of their design.
    The set includes the Queen of Onslaught, the Queen of Ecstasy, the Lady of Chaos, Azrakh the Annihilator and Karlina von Carstein. We started with the assembly of each miniature, making sure to properly clean and prepare the resin figures to ensure that the paint adhered perfectly.
    The painting was done to an Ornate and premium level, highlighting rich and saturated colors such as purples, reds and pale whites on the demons, with fire effects adding dynamism and realism. The Warhammer+ miniatures have been painted following the boxart colors, achieving an authentic and recognizable look.
    The bases have been another highlight of the project, treated to a premium level that complements and enhances each miniature. The environments created vary from hellscapes to gothic settings, each carefully designed to tell a unique visual story.
    Our painting process has been meticulous and detailed. We used the airbrush for base coats and reserved the brush for fine details, ensuring that every element of the miniature is perfectly finished. In addition, we have added special effects such as selective lighting (OSL) and blood and rust textures for a spectacular finishing touch.


    Warhammer 40k

    ✻ Creature Caster Monsters


    ✻ Basing


    Monstruos Creature Casters

    Customer briefing

    The Queen of Devastation and More: A Complete Assignment

    Our client got to know Art-W Studio through recommendations in specialized forums of modeling and miniature painting. Fascinated by the detail and quality of our previous work, he decided to contact us for a very special project.
    The assignment was to paint and assemble five exceptional miniatures, the client had in mind vibrant and detailed color schemes, especially for the demons. He asked us to use saturated tones, highlighting purples, reds and pale whites, with fire effects to bring dynamism and realism to the figures of this Creature Caster Monsters.
    For the Warhammer+ miniatures, the client wanted us to stay true to the representative colors of the box art, ensuring an authentic and recognizable look. In addition, he requested that the bases be designed and painted to a premium level, creating unique environments that would complement the essence of each character.
    He also had some special requests, such as the use of special lighting effects (OSL) and textures that would add a spectacular finishing touch. With these guidelines in mind, we set to work to bring his vision to life, making sure that each miniature received the care and attention to detail it deserved.

    Monstruos Creature Casters

    Photo of the project Ornate & Premium level

    Infernal and Gothic Environments: Designing Spectacular Sills

    The process of this Creature Caster Monsters project has been an exciting and detailed experience. From day one, we kept the client informed with daily progress photos, making sure he was aware of each stage.
    We started with the assembly of the miniatures, carefully cleaning each piece of resin to remove any residue that could affect the paint. We assembled the figures, leaving some parts loose to facilitate later painting. In the initial photos, the client could see how each demon and hero took shape.
    The painting started with the airbrush, applying base coats in saturated tones for the demons: purples, reds and pale whites, with fire effects. For the Warhammer+ miniatures, we faithfully followed the box art colors. Throughout the process, we sent images showing the progress of the base layers and the details added with brush.
    The bases received a special treatment, creating environments that enrich each miniature. In the pictures you can appreciate the care put into every detail, from the hellish landscapes to the gothic scenery.
    Finally, we applied special effects such as OSL and blood and rust textures, sharing images of the result with the client. Their enthusiasm and satisfaction were the culmination of a meticulous and dedicated work, achieving miniatures that not only impress visually, but also tell a story.

    Monstruos Creature Casters

    Creature Caster Monsters Creature Caster Monsters Creature Caster Monsters Creature Caster Monsters Creature Caster Monsters Creature Caster Monsters Creature Caster Monsters Creature Caster Monsters Creature Caster Monsters Creature Caster Monsters

    Creature Caster Monsters, anihilator ornate

    Azrakh the Annihilator Ornate

    Creature Caster Monsters , karlina von carstein

    Karlina von Carstein, Premium level

    Monstruos Creature Casters

    Queen of Onslaught Premium

    Creature Caster Monsters , premuil level

    Queen of Ecstasy, Premium level

    Monstruos Creature Casters

    Queen of Ecstasy Premium

    Creature Caster Monsters

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