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Death Guard & Nurgle

    Death Guard & Nurgle
    Color and paint schemes

    Welcome to the heart of corruption, where the forces of the Death Guard rise to claim their dominion over the universe! At Art-W Studio, we have shaped a small but mighty host of the Death Guard, accompanied by the terrifying majesty of a Knight Abominant, whose mere echo shakes the foundations of the Empire.
    Following the iconic Death Guard color scheme, we have overlaid these figures with an oppressive dark green, enhanced by rusty copper trim and splashes of blood, creating a truly eerie sight.
    In our creative process, we have devoted special attention to the precise assembly of each miniature, ensuring that each piece fits together perfectly to create a harmonious and visually stunning whole. In addition, we have integrated 3D printed elements to add depth and detail to our creations, taking the gaming experience to a new level of immersion.
    As our painting skills brought these infected creatures to life, we employed advanced techniques to create rust and verdigris effects, infusing each figure with the aura of decay. The bases, meticulously crafted to reflect a landscape ravaged by Nurgle’s disease, provide the perfect backdrop for this scene of horror and desolation.


    Warhammer 40k

    ✻ Death Guard & Nurgle


    ✻ Basing


    ✻ Magnetizing

    Guardia de la Muerte y Nurgle

    Customer briefing

    Under the Cloak of Death: Encountering the Death Guard

    From the moment he contacted us, it was clear that our client had a unique vision for his project.
    He tasked us with assembling, magnetizing and painting a variety of miniatures, all of them following the classic Death Guard color scheme: dark green and rusty copper. In addition, he urged us to add extra details, such as rust and verdigris effects, as well as blood splatter and vomit, to bring these hellish creatures to life.
    But our client didn’t stop there. He also made a special request: he wanted the miniatures bases to reflect a world corrupted by Nurgle’s influence, creating a perfect setting for his host of death.
    With every detail meticulously planned, we dove into the challenge with determination and passion, eager to exceed expectations and bring our client’s vision of Chaos to life.For us, this collaboration was a privilege and an honor. We dove headfirst into the client’s vision, committing ourselves to exceeding their expectations and creating a collection that was a worthy tribute to the Warhammer universe. This project challenged us, inspired us and reminded us why we love what we do.

    Guardia de la Muerte y Nurgle

    Photo of the project Ornate & Premium level

    Forging Pestilence: The Death Guard Creation Process

    From the moment we received the commission from the Lord of Decomposition, we plunged headlong into the challenge of bringing his vision of Chaos to life. With meticulousness and passion, our painters dedicated themselves to every detail, from the initial assembly to the final brushstrokes of paint.
    Throughout our journey, we maintain constant communication with our client, sharing daily progress to ensure that their vision is materializing to perfection. Each photo submitted is more than an update; it is a testament to our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.
    From the first steps of assembly to the final coats of paint, each phase of the process has been captured in images that reveal the gradual transformation of simple plastic parts into Chaos masterpieces. Our client has witnessed every step of the way, giving them peace of mind that their vision is being realized with precision and attention to detail.
    Through these images, our client has been able to closely follow the progress of his project, getting excited with each breakthrough and anticipating the moment when his Death Guard host comes to life in all its corrupted glory. At Art-W Studio, our dedication goes beyond simple creation; it is a commitment to excellence and client satisfaction at every stage of the creative process.

    Guardia de la Muerte y Nurgle

    Death Guard & Nurgle Death Guard & Nurgle Death Guard & Nurgle Death Guard & Nurgle Death Guard & Nurgle Death Guard & Nurgle Death Guard & Nurgle Death Guard & Nurgle Death Guard & Nurgle Death Guard & Nurgle Death Guard & Nurgle Death Guard & Nurgle Death Guard & Nurgle Death Guard & Nurgle

    Guardia de la Muerte y Nurgle

    Biologus Putrifier Game

    Guardia de la Muerte y Nurgle

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    Guardia de la Muerte y Nurgle

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    Guardia de la Muerte y Nurgle

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    Guardia de la Muerte y Nurgle

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    Guardia de la Muerte y Nurgle

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