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Galaxy Imperial Knights

    Galaxy Imperial Knights
    Color and paint schemes

    Get ready to enter a universe of amazing exploits and galactic battles with our latest project at Art-W Studio! This time, we plunged into the grandiose task of representing an army of Imperial Knights as never seen before. Imagine a scenario where the awesomeness of these gigantic war machines blends with the elegance of the Imperium’s heroines, all on a vibrant canvas of stellar colors.
    As for the color schemes, we have opted for a dazzling combination that evokes the majesty of the cosmos. The Imperial Knights sport shiny silver chassis, adorned with stars and symbols of their home, while the heroines dazzle in pastel purples and pinks that reflect their strength and determination.
    Each miniature is meticulously set on custom bases that evoke the grandeur of a stellar battlefield. In addition, we have integrated 3D printed elements, such as the imposing two-handed gatling machine gun, to add an unparalleled level of detail.
    In our quest to deliver premium quality, we have carefully assembled each part and applied both eye-catching and detailed painting techniques. From the initial assembly to the final touches on the bases, each step has been masterfully executed to ensure a result that exceeds all expectations.


    Warhammer 40k

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    Imperial Knights Galaxia

    Customer briefing

    Journey through the Cosmos: The Challenge of the Imperial Knights.

    The story of how this exciting project came to our Art-W Studio workshops is as fascinating as the Warhammer universe itself. We were entrusted with the task of bringing to life an Imperial Knights army that would reflect the grandeur of the cosmos in every detail.
    From the first contact, it was clear that this project would be one of a kind. Our client, with an overflowing passion for the world of Warhammer, enthusiastically conveyed his vision to us. He wanted each Imperial Knight and heroine of the Imperium to be a dazzling representation of the vastness of space, with color schemes that evoked celestial wonders and emblems that reflected the nobility of his house.
    In addition, he challenged us to go beyond the conventional, requesting the creation of a Gatling-style heavy machine gun for one of the Knights. This special request inspired us to use our creativity and experience to take the project to new heights.
    In short, the client commissioned us to create a project that transcended the boundaries of the ordinary, one that would merge the majesty of the Imperial Knights with the beauty of the universe. He challenged us to exceed expectations and create something truly extraordinary. And with every stroke of the brush, we set out to realize his vision of a stellar armada unlike any other.

    Imperial Knights Galaxia

    Photo of the project Ornate & Premium level

    In the Footsteps of the Stars: A Warhammer Enthusiast’s Commission.

    From the initial assembly of the miniatures to the final touches of paint, every step of the way was documented with photographs that capture the day-to-day evolution of the project. These images not only show the tangible progress, but also reflect the dedication and care we put into every detail.
    Our team of expert painters faced unique challenges, from creating a galactic color scheme to building a Gatling-style heavy machine gun for one of the Imperial Knights. Each obstacle was overcome with creativity and skill, resulting in miniatures that exceed all expectations.
    As the process progressed, the client received regular updates with daily progress photos, allowing them to closely follow the transformation of their miniatures. These images not only served as evidence of our progress, but also as a way to engage the client in the creative process and ensure their full satisfaction.
    In summary, the process of creating this project was a rewarding and enriching experience for the entire team. From the first touches of paint to the final delivery, every step of the way was marked by passion and commitment to deliver exceptional work.

    Imperial Knights Galaxia

    Galaxy Imperial Knights Galaxy Imperial Knights Galaxy Imperial Knights Galaxy Imperial Knights Galaxy Imperial Knights Galaxy Imperial Knights Galaxy Imperial Knights Galaxy Imperial Knights Galaxy Imperial Knights Galaxy Imperial Knights Galaxy Imperial Knights Galaxy Imperial Knights Galaxy Imperial Knights

    Imperial Knights Galaxia

    Armiger Helverin Ornate

    Imperial Knights Galaxia

    Vindicare Assassin, Ornate level

    Imperial Knights Galaxia

    Kingdom Death Monster Thief Premium

    Imperial Knights Galaxia

    Tariana Palos y Kingdom Death Monster Hospitalar Ornate

    Imperial Knights Galaxia

    Armiger Helverin, Ornate level

    Imperial Knights Galaxia

    ¡Increíbles! Entre estos y las anteriores remesas ya darán un pelín de miedo en mesa xD


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