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Orange Tyranids Army

    Greetings, Warhammer 40k commanders! In our latest challenge, we plunged into the clutches of the Tyranid Swarm Fleet, led by the imposing NeuroTyrant. This epic project, which we enthusiastically pursued, brought to life the miniatures in the Leviathan box. From the NeuroTyrant to the terrifying Reaper Swarms, each piece received the full treatment in our studio, from assembly to painting and bases.
    We embarked on a chromatic journey, merging the intensity of the vibrant orange on the shells with the paleness of the skins. This Hive Fleet Vibrant Ornate Orange stands out for its contrasts. The heroes, the NeuroTyrant and Tyranid Prime, received a special visual treatment, standing out even more on the battlefield with saturated colors and osl magenta effects.
    On the ground, our miniatures stand on bases that evoke urban ruins. A mix of neutral rough and tenebrous grey texture creates a desolate landscape, enhanced with reddish powder pigments to add that touch of chaos. Every step of the process of this Orange Tyranids Army was carefully executed, from the initial assembly to the final touches on the bases.


    Warhammer 40k

    ✻ Orange Tyranids Army


    ✻ Basing


    Ejército Tiranidos Naranjas

    Customer briefing

    The Art behind Hive Fleet Vibrant

    The story of this exciting project began when a brave Warhammer 40k commander, fascinated by the brutality of the Tyranids, stumbled upon us in the nets of the miniaturist universe. Attracted by our detailed and dedicated approach, he entrusted us with the task of bringing his Tyranid swarm fleet to life. He came to us with a clear vision: a bold color scheme that would highlight the vibrant orange shells and pale skins of his creatures. Without a doubt, this project became a challenge we were eager to tackle.
    His request went beyond the ordinary; he longed for the NeuroTyrant and Tyranid Prime to stand out with vibrant colors and magenta osl effects. The mission was clear: to forge an army that would leave an indelible mark on the battlefields of Warhammer 40k. Without a doubt, this project became a challenge we were eager to tackle.

    Ejército Tiranidos Naranjas

    Photo of the project Game & Ornate level

    The Creation of the NeuroTyrant and Tyranid Prime

    From the initial assembly phase to the final details on the bases, we took you by the hand through our meticulous process.
    Our team of skilled artists immersed themselves in the assembly, challenging the complexities of the Leviathan box. Meanwhile, expedition leader Pedro brought the display to life, setting the tone for the vibrant and contrasting color scheme the client craved.
    As we progressed, daily photos illustrated the progress of each miniature. The heroes, NeuroTyrant and Tyranid Prime, came to life with saturated colors and magenta osl effects, standing out as the undisputed leaders of the Hive Fleet.
    The bases, enriched with textures and reddish pigments, became the perfect backdrop for urban warfare. Each image shared was a window into the artistic mastery of Art-W Studio, where passion and detail intertwined to bring to life a unique army.

    Ejército Tiranidos Naranjas

    Orange Tyranids Army Orange Tyranids Army Orange Tyranids Army Orange Tyranids Army Orange Tyranids Army Orange Tyranids Army Orange Tyranids Army Orange Tyranids Army Orange Tyranids Army Orange Tyranids Army Orange Tyranids Army

    Ejército Tiranidos Naranjas

    Winged Tyranid Prime, Game level

    Ejército Tiranidos Naranjas

    NeuroTyrant Ornate level

    Ejército Tiranidos Naranjas

    Neurogants Game

    Ejército Tiranidos Naranjas

    Screamerkiller Ornate

    Ejército Tiranidos Naranjas

    Barbgaunts, Game level

    Ejército Tiranidos Naranjas

    ¡Increíbles! Entre estos y las anteriores remesas ya darán un pelín de miedo en mesa xD


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