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Purity White Sororitas

    Purity White Sororitas
    Color and paint schemes

    Welcome to the fascinating world of the Adept Sororitas in a new and exciting adventure! On this occasion, Art-W Studio is proud to present to you an imposing and sublime strike force of Purity White Sororitas, led by two of the most outstanding and beautiful miniatures of this army: Morvenn Vahl and Celestine. Each one meticulously assembled, and hand painted with the level of detail that characterizes us.
    To bring this army to life, we have opted for a color scheme that exudes purity and devotion, with white robes that highlight the faith in the god emperor, contrasted with silver armor and gold ornamentation. However, to highlight Celestine and Morvenn as the true heroines, we have given their armor a golden glow, while the rest of the sisters wear shiny silver armor.
    In addition, to immerse these miniatures in a truly epic setting, we have created bases adorned with marble elements, evoking ancient ruins full of history and mystery. Using resin pieces from Gamers Grass, we have stacked piles of ruins, enhancing the dark earth with grass and flowers to bring a touch of life to this desolate landscape.
    As for the creation process, our team has worked tirelessly to deliver an exceptional result. From the assembly of the miniatures to the meticulous premium level painting, each step has been carried out with mastery and dedication to ensure that every detail is perfectly executed.


    Warhammer 40k

    ✻ Purity White Sororitas


    ✻ Basing


    Pureza Sororitas Blancas

    Customer briefing

    Morvenn Vahl and Celestine’s Army

    It was a day like any other at Art-W Studio when we received an exciting request from a client passionate about the world of Warhammer, looking to bring to life a small but mighty force of adept Sororitas. With a clear vision in mind, he approached Art-W Studio looking for experts in the art of miniature painting. From the first contact, he conveyed his passion for this army, expressing his desire to highlight the purity and power of the devout daughters of the god emperor through a unique color scheme. In addition, he gave us the task of capturing in every detail the character and determination of the leaders Morvenn Vahl and Celestine. With these clear directions, we enthusiastically plunged into the challenge of bringing her vision to life in this exciting project.

    Pureza Sororitas Blancas

    Photo of the project Ornate level

    Devastating Blow: Sisters in Battle

    Join Art-W Studio on a journey full of creativity and dedication as we bring this spectacular force of adept Sororitas to life. From day one, we immersed ourselves in the challenge of capturing the essence of our client’s vision, working hard to capture every detail with precision and passion. Through images documenting our daily progress, we shared with him every step of the process: from the initial assembly of the miniatures to the intricate details of the painting and the impressive bases. Each advance was met with excitement and enthusiasm, fueling our determination to exceed expectations and create something truly exceptional. Now, as we reach the end of this incredible journey, we proudly celebrate the final result, knowing that we have succeeded in capturing the essence of the Warhammer universe in each piece of artwork.

    Pureza Sororitas Blancas

    Purity White Sororitas Purity White Sororitas Purity White Sororitas Purity White Sororitas Purity White Sororitas Purity White Sororitas Purity White Sororitas Purity White Sororitas Purity White Sororitas Purity White Sororitas Purity White Sororitas Purity White Sororitas

    Pureza Sororitas Blancas

    Saint Celestine, Premium level

    Pureza Sororitas Blancas

    Geminae Superia Premium

    Pureza Sororitas Blancas

    Zephyrim Ornate

    Pureza Sororitas Blancas

    Morvenn Vahl Premium

    Pureza Sororitas Blancas

    Zephyrim, Ornate level

    Pureza Sororitas Blancas

    ¡Increíbles! Entre estos y las anteriores remesas ya darán un pelín de miedo en mesa xD


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