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Ririki Team

    This time, we’ve taken on the challenge of painting Greebo Games’ awesome goblin team, known as Ririki Team. What will you find in this exciting set? Three imposing Trolls, ten mischievous Goblins, six secret weapons full of details and six snotlings that add that signature touch to any game.
    In this project, we have been inspired by the vibrant colors of the iconic Arsenal F.C. kit. So, imagine these fearless goblins in their red jerseys and white pants, ready to conquer the playing field. But, don’t worry, we haven’t stopped at the outfit. Each miniature has been expertly painted, from the blue tones of the trolls to the greenish of the secret weapons, adding depth and realism to every detail.
    Now, imagine this team in their natural habitat: the bases. We’ve created vivid and realistic environments for each of these miniatures, from muddy fields to urban terrain, adding that extra touch of immersion to the game. Also, how could we forget the details? Each base has been carefully decorated to complement the team’s theme, taking the gaming experience to the next level.
    As for the process, we followed a meticulous and organized approach. From the initial assembly to the final touch of paint, each step has been carried out with precision and dedication. Also, you wonder if we have added 3D printed elements? Of course! We love experimenting with new technologies to bring you even more amazing results.


    Warhammer 40k

    ✻ Ririki Team


    ✻ Basing

    Equipo Ririki

    Customer briefing

    A journey into the heart of Blood Bowl

    The exciting collaboration with Ririki Team began when we received an exciting message from a passionate Blood Bowl fan. With palpable enthusiasm, he explained to us his vision for a goblin team that reflected his passion for this unique sport, but also his devotion to Arsenal F.C.
    From the outset, it was clear that our client had a very clear vision of what he wanted to achieve with this project. He challenged us to paint each miniature in the iconic Arsenal F.C. color scheme, highlighting the red jersey and white shorts that are so characteristic of this legendary team. In addition, he asked us to add our special touch to make sure his team stood out on the pitch, capturing the unique essence of the Blood Bowl world.
    Inspired by his passion and determination, we committed to making his vision a reality, exceeding his expectations with every brushstroke and every detail. For us, this project was not only a task, but an exciting opportunity to create something truly special that captured the essence of his vision and the excitement of Blood Bowl.

    Equipo Ririki

    Photo of the project Ornate level

    A team of goblins like never seen before

    From day one, we immersed ourselves in the exciting process of bringing the Ririki Team to life, sharing every step of the way with our client. Through daily photos, we took him by the hand as each miniature came to life with vibrant colors and meticulous details. From the first brushstroke to the last retouch, every moment was an opportunity to perfect our craft and exceed expectations.
    We faced unique challenges, such as capturing the Arsenal F.C. color scheme on miniatures that, at times, were barely wearing clothes. However, each obstacle was an opportunity to demonstrate our creativity and technical skill. And as we progressed, the team came to life, each figure more impressive than the last.
    The process was a true collaboration, with the client providing valuable feedback that allowed us to refine every detail. And in the end, when the final brush strokes were applied and the bases were complete, we were proud of what we had accomplished together. The Ririki Team had come to life, ready to conquer the court and captivate all who crossed its path.

    Equipo Ririki

    Ririki Team Ririki Team Ririki Team Ririki Team Ririki Team Ririki Team Ririki Team Ririki Team Ririki Team Ririki Team Ririki Team Ririki Team Ririki Team Ririki Team Ririki Team Ririki Team Ririki Team Ririki Team Ririki Team Ririki Team Ririki Team Ririki Team

    Equipo Ririki

    Trolls, Ornate level

    Equipo Ririki

    Goblin on foot, Ornate level

    Equipo Ririki

    Goblins Ornate

    Equipo Ririki

    WindWiver Ornate

    Equipo Ririki

    Secret Weapons, Ornate level

    Equipo Ririki

    ¡Increíbles! Entre estos y las anteriores remesas ya darán un pelín de miedo en mesa xD


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