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Traitor Primarchs

    Dive into the epic Warhammer universe with our latest project at Art-W Studio! In this thrilling adventure, we dive into the heart of the Horus Heresy to bring the iconic Traitor Primarchs to life. From the imposing Mortarion to the enigmatic Alpharius, each figure has been meticulously painted to reflect the essence of their legion and their role in the story.
    Imagine a scenario where the mighty Fulgrim, wrapped in his resplendent armor, towers over a desolate battlefield, his bases set with the remains of ancient relics. On the other hand, the imposing Ascended Horus, with his defiant gaze, is surrounded by rubble and ruins, mute witnesses of his unwavering determination.
    To ensure fidelity to the lore, we have closely followed the classic Workshop color schemes, each one of the Traitor Primarchs wearing the colors of his legion with pride. In addition, we have taken every detail to the highest level, from the assembly of the miniatures to the creation of additional elements through 3D printing to add an extra touch of customization.


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    Primarcas Traidores

    Customer briefing

    Legacy of Chaos

    At Art-W Studio, we pride ourselves on being the destination of choice for true Warhammer enthusiasts. Our latest project began when a passionate collector, immersed in the fascinating world of the Horus Heresy, approached us with an epic ambition: to paint the legendary Traitor Primarchs.
    From the moment he contacted us, it was clear that this client had a clear vision and a deep love for the Warhammer universe. He asked us to capture the essence of each Primarch, from the majesty of Fulgrim to the ferocity of Angron, while staying true to classic Workshop color schemes.
    It also challenged us to go further, to add those special touches that would make each figure come to life in a unique way. With this assignment, we plunged into a journey of creativity and dedication, determined to exceed all expectations.

    Primarcas Traidores

    Project photo Ornate & Premium level

    Painting the Fallen Heroes of Heresy

    From day one, we immersed ourselves in the challenge of bringing the Traitor Primarchs to life with an indomitable passion. Our meticulous process began with the careful assembly of each miniature, followed by the application of classic Workshop color schemes that ensure fidelity to the Warhammer lore.
    As we progressed, we shared the daily progress with our client, giving them a window into our creative world. From the first brush strokes to the final touches of special effects, each stage of the process was an opportunity to perfect every detail and ensure excellence in each figure.
    Our commitment to quality led us to employ advanced techniques, from using airbrushes to apply base coats to applying special effects such as OSLs and blood splatter. Every decision was made with care and dedication, with the goal of exceeding our client’s expectations and creating a truly memorable collection.

    Primarcas Traidores

    Traitor Primarchs Traitor Primarchs Traitor Primarchs Traitor Primarchs Traitor Primarchs Traitor Primarchs Traitor Primarchs Traitor Primarchs Traitor Primarchs Traitor Primarchs Traitor Primarchs Traitor Primarchs Traitor Primarchs Traitor Primarchs Traitor Primarchs

    Primarcas Traidores

    Alpharius, Ornate level

    Primarcas Traidores

    Konrad Curze, Ornate level

    Primarcas Traidores

    Mortarion the Reaper, Ornate

    Primarcas Traidores

    Khorne Daemon Prince Premium

    Primarcas Traidores

    Lorgar, Ornate level

    Primarcas Traidores

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