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Vior’la & Farsight Army

    Vior’la & Farsight Army
    Color and paint schemes

    Imagine an army of the T’au Empire, under the legendary leadership of commander Farsight, emerging from the shadows in the remains of an ancient ruined temple.
    Key pieces of this project range from the ferocious Breachers Team to the majesty of the Ghostkeel Battlesuit and the strategy embodied in commanders Shadowsun and Farsight. Each miniature becomes a canvas, a reflection of our commitment to every detail.
    Our brush moved deftly over the white armor, highlighting details in red, a captivating contrast that extends from the Vior’la infantry to the striking Crisis Battlesuits. The environment, a dark terrain with greenish touches and weathered flagstones, transports these figures to the heart of an abandoned temple.
    In this project, precision was key. We assembled each miniature with the care they deserve, bringing to life the characters that will lead the battles. But we didn’t stop there: the bases became a three-dimensional canvas, thanks to 3D printed elements that recreate the atmosphere of the temple in its maximum splendor.
    In terms of painting, we deployed our skills on three fronts. Infantry and tanks received tactical attention, suitable for the heat of the game, while the heroes were dressed in vibrant colors.


    Warhammer 40k

    ✻ Vior’la & Farsight Army


    ✻ 3D printing


    ✻ Basing


    Ejército de Farsight y Vior'la

    Customer briefing

    Exploring the Mysteries of Vior’la in the Darkness of the Abandoned Temple

    The discovery of our studio by a brave commander marked the beginning of an exceptional collaboration. Attracted by our commitment to excellence in miniature painting, he approached us with an epic desire: to create an army of the Vior’la system, led by the revered commander Farsight.
    His request was clear: he wanted each figure to tell a story, the white armor to glow with red detailing, and the ambiance of the temple to manifest itself on every base.
    He challenged us to capture the essence of Vior’la in every brushstroke. He wanted an army that would not only shine in the game, but also be a visual work of art. We were as excited as he was and jumped headfirst into the challenge, eager to bring his unique vision to life in the world of Warhammer.

    Ejército de Farsight y Vior'la

    Photo of the project Game & Ornate level

    Among Ruins and Legends: The Awakening of Farsight in Vior’la

    Go behind the scenes of the Tau project, where every brushstroke tells the story of the T’au Empire in Vior’la. Throughout this journey, we have shared every progress with our client, building a visual narrative that comes to life day by day.
    From the first assembly to the application of the gray-white airbrushed base, each miniature has been treated with reverence. We distributed the units among our painters, with a special focus on the Farsight enclaves, giving each figure a unique personality.
    The contrast between the white armor and the red details has become the soul of this project. Daily photos sent to the client created tangible anticipation, showing how their vision took shape with each coat of paint. 3D printed elements brought the temple environment to life on the bases, elevating the visual experience.
    Each day, our clients witnessed the transformation of O’Shovah and O’Shaserra, a duo that transcends the game and becomes art. This project is not just an army; it is a visual collaboration between client and studio, where each daily photo is a chapter in this Tau epic.

    Ejército de Farsight y Vior'la

    Vior’la & Farsight Army Vior’la & Farsight Army Vior’la & Farsight Army Vior’la & Farsight Army Vior’la & Farsight Army Vior’la & Farsight Army Vior’la & Farsight Army Vior’la & Farsight Army Vior’la & Farsight Army

    Ejército de Farsight y Vior'la

    Commander Shadowsun, Ornate level

    Ejército de Farsight y Vior'la

    Pathfinder Game level

    Ejército de Farsight y Vior'la

    KV128 Stormsurge Ornate

    Ejército de Farsight y Vior'la

    Ghostkeel Battlesuit Ornate

    Ejército de Farsight y Vior'la

    Coldstar Commander, Ornate level

    Ejército de Farsight y Vior'la

    ¡Increíbles! Entre estos y las anteriores remesas ya darán un pelín de miedo en mesa xD


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