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White Scars

    White Scars
    Color and paint schemes

    Welcome to a new odyssey in the Art-W Studio workshop. This time, we faced the epic challenge of bringing to life the miniatures of the tenth edition of Warhammer 40,000 “Leviathan”, unleashing an intergalactic war in every brushstroke.
    In this project, we deployed our skills in the creation of two imposing factions: the fearless Space Marines and the fearsome Tyranids. From the imposing Captain Exterminator to the alien hordes of Tyranids, each miniature is brought to life with meticulous detail and vibrant colors.
    Our relationship with the White Scars army deepens even further, marking the third collaboration with this brave commander. Following the color recipe that has already left its mark on the battlefield, we recreate armor worn by the fiercest battles. The bases, a war-torn landscape, stand as silent witnesses of a struggle that has endured through the ages.
    We didn’t just limit ourselves to the application of the color palette; we managed the acquisition and assembly of each miniature, employed our 3D printing technology to customize the bases, and built visual scenarios that highlight the war narrative these figures represent.
    While our brushes bring the heroes and troops to life, we do not forget the importance of the environment. The urban bases, despite not being filled with jet motorcycles this time around, maintain their essence of shattered highways. The elevation of the terrain, the worn asphalt and the road markings recreate a post-apocalyptic landscape, where each miniature is perfectly integrated.


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    Cicatrices Blancas

    Customer briefing

    White Scars Reborn: The Third Chapter by Art-W Studio

    The connection between Art-W Studio and our brave, White Scars commander came at a crucial moment. After two successful projects, his confidence in our art and skills led us to embark on a new mission: to expand his army with the imposing miniatures from the Warhammer 40,000 “Leviathan” box.
    With a clear vision, he wanted not only to increase his legion of adeptus astartes but also to start a new front with the lethal Tyranid figures. The challenge was set, and Art-W Studio was his choice to carry it out.
    The client, passionate and meticulous, detailed his expectations. He wanted the color scheme, already tested in two previous projects, to be maintained, representing the white scars worn by centuries of conflict. He did not skimp on specifics; he wanted each miniature to tell a battle story, each base a miniature war field.

    Cicatrices Blancas

    Project photo Ornate level

    Under the Commander’s Banner

    Every day at Art-W Studio has been an adventure of creativity and dedication as we unravel the layers of the “Leviathan” project. The daily photos we’ve shared with our commander are snapshots of the art in progress, an exclusive glimpse into the birth of his expanded army.
    From the meticulous acquisition and assembly of the miniatures to the 3D printing for the bases, each photo tells a story of skill and attention to detail. Pau and Ruben, our skilled craftsmen, have breathed life into the Space Marines and Tyranids with unique skill.
    The images reveal Pau’s attention to the heroes, while Ruben brings the troops and terminators to life. Each photo documents the progress, from the first strokes of paint to the creation of bases that serve as miniature war scenarios.
    The urban bases, although with fewer jet motorcycles this time, retain their essence of shattered highways. Each photo conveys the visual reality of a post-apocalyptic landscape, where battle has left its mark on every square inch.
    We are delighted to take our commander on this visual journey, showing him every step of the way.

    Cicatrices Blancas

    White Scars White Scars White Scars White Scars White Scars White Scars White Scars White Scars White Scars White Scars White Scars White Scars White Scars

    Cicatrices Blancas

    Terminators, Ornate level

    Cicatrices Blancas

    Captain Terminator Armour & Lieutenant Phobos Armour, Ornate level

    Cicatrices Blancas

    Librarian Terminator Armour Ornate

    Cicatrices Blancas

    Primaris Infernus Ornate

    Cicatrices Blancas

    Dreadnought Ballistus, Ornate level

    Cicatrices Blancas

    ¡Increíbles! Entre estos y las anteriores remesas ya darán un pelín de miedo en mesa xD


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