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Adepta Sororitas Squad

    Adepta Sororitas Squad
    Color and paint schemes

    On this occasion, we embark on an epic journey with the “Our Lady Martyr” faction of the Sororitas Adepta. Imagine a scenario of urban ruins, where the black armor and reddish fabrics of the miniatures come to life.
    The detachment that makes up this project is simply spectacular: Cannoness Veridian, Hospitaller, Sister Tariana Palos, Battle Sisters, Retributor, Castigator, Immolator, Paragon Warsuit, Exorcist, Cherubs and Morvenn Vahl. Each meticulously assembled by our team, with 3D printed details to enrich their bases in the urban setting their owner envisioned.
    The color scheme, true to the order of our lady martyr, features black armor and tank chassis, deep red robes, and prominent OSL fire effects, expressly requested by our valued customer. But here comes the fascinating twist: Morvenn Vahl, an imposing figure, stands out with golden armor and worn black regalia, adding a unique element to the visual cohesion of the army.
    In terms of execution, we started with our team leader, Pau, creating the sample miniature. While we waited for approval, the rest of the forces were getting ready. We assembled the miniatures, magnetized equipment options, and even 3D printed elements to embellish the bases in the urban ruins scenario.


    Warhammer 40k

    ✻ Adepta Sororitas Squad


    ✻ 3D printing


    ✻ Basing


    Escuadrón Adepta Sororitas

    Customer briefing

    The Crusade of the Order: Sororitas Adepta in Urban Ruins

    From the shadows of the battlefield, a loyal believer of “Our Lady Martyr” found us, guided by the artistic aura of Art-W Studio. His vision was clear: Sororite Adepts, swathed in black armor and red cloth, emerging from urban ruins with an OSL glow that would defy the shadows. This vision, their vision, became our duty.
    The initial communication was like the beginning of a crusade, where he entrusted us with the most revered miniatures of his army. The order included the 3D printing of elements for the bases, faithfully recreating the scenario of urban ruins that his strategic mind imagined. A connection founded on the devotion to the order of our lady martyr and the search for artistic perfection.

    Escuadrón Adepta Sororitas

    Photo of the project Game, Ornate & Premium level

    Under the Banner of Our Lady of Martyrs

    The story of the “Our Lady Martyr” project was woven day after day, revealing the saga of our expert hands transforming miniatures into masterpieces. Pau, our strategist, led the creative battle from the first sample miniature to the last brushstroke on the bases set in urban ruins.
    Through daily photos sent to the client, we unraveled the meticulous process. Precise assembly, magnetized equipment choices and 3D bits created a visual symphony on the bases. Airbrushing sculpted the overall bases before master brushes painted every detail. In each shared image, torches with OSL effects burned brightly, fulfilling the client’s special request. Each day, a new stage reached, each photo, a glimpse into the birth of a work that exceeded expectations.

    Escuadrón Adepta Sororitas

    Adepta Sororitas Squad Adepta Sororitas Squad Adepta Sororitas Squad Adepta Sororitas Squad Adepta Sororitas Squad Adepta Sororitas Squad Adepta Sororitas Squad Adepta Sororitas Squad Adepta Sororitas Squad Adepta Sororitas Squad Adepta Sororitas Squad

    Escuadrón Adepta Sororitas

    Paragon Warsuit, Ornate level

    Escuadrón Adepta Sororitas

    Sister Tariana Palos Premium level

    Escuadrón Adepta Sororitas

    Morvenn Vahl Premium

    Escuadrón Adepta Sororitas

    Castigator Ornate

    Escuadrón Adepta Sororitas

    Hospitaller, Ornate level

    Escuadrón Adepta Sororitas

    ¡Increíbles! Entre estos y las anteriores remesas ya darán un pelín de miedo en mesa xD


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