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ASOIAF Night’s Watch

    ASOIAF Night’s Watch
    Color and paint schemes

    Today we want to present you our latest project: a Night’s Watch commission from CMON’s Song of Ice and Fire game. It has been an exciting work that has allowed us to immerse ourselves in the cold and gloomy world beyond the wall.

    This project consists of assembling, painting and decorating the bases of several units and heroes of the Night’s Watch. We have followed the color scheme based on the box art, using black clothing and brown leathers to bring these miniatures to life. For the bases, we have represented a snowy environment, typical of the north beyond the wall, following the same aesthetics as in the box.

    We have applied weathering effects on the miniatures, showing severe wear and tear on both clothing and leather belts and straps. Both the level of painting and the decoration of the bases of the whole project is level 2 (Ornate level).

    This project is an extension of a previous commission for the same client, who was delighted with our work and decided to expand his ASOIAF collection with Night’s Watch units.

    We hope you find this glimpse of our latest project interesting and that it brings you a little closer to the cold and enigmatic world of the Night’s Watch.


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    ASOIAF Night’s Watch

    Customer briefing

    I want some miniatures of the Night’s Watch.

    Our client had already worked with us previously on his A Song of Ice and Fire project and was delighted with the results. Upon receiving the miniatures, he felt the need to expand his collection and did not hesitate to contact us again, this time with a clear idea in mind: to add Night’s Watch units to his army.

    Excited by his enthusiasm, he shared with us his desire to keep the color scheme we had already used in his previous order, based on the illustrations in the boxes, with black robes and brown leathers. In addition, he wanted the miniatures to show severe wear effects on both clothing and leather belts and straps, conveying the feeling of warriors weathered in the cold beyond the wall.

    He had no special requests, but he did have full confidence in our criteria and skills to achieve the result he was hoping for. So, with all the information in our hands, we got down to work to make his Night’s Watch project a reality and immerse ourselves in the challenging world of Song of Ice and Fire.

    ASOIAF Night’s Watch miniatures

    General photo of the project, Ornate level

    The Night’s Watch

    The process has been really rewarding, as it allowed us to fully immerse ourselves in the world of ASOIAF. We started by focusing on the assembly of the miniatures, making sure that all the pieces fit perfectly and were ready for painting.

    Once assembled, we proceeded to paint the Warhammer miniatures following the color scheme already established in the previous order, which allowed us to streamline the process and maintain consistency in the client’s collection. As for the bases, we based them on the aesthetics of the previous project, recreating a snowy environment that faithfully reflected the cold and gloomy north beyond the wall.

    During the days of the project, we maintained constant communication with our client, sharing photos of the daily progress and adjusting details according to their preferences. In this way, we were able to ensure that every step of the process was in line with his expectations and that the end result was just what he had in mind.

    ASOIAF Night’s Watch assembly and painting

    ASOIAF Night’s Watch ASOIAF Night’s Watch ASOIAF Night’s Watch ASOIAF Night’s Watch ASOIAF Night’s Watch ASOIAF Night’s Watch ASOIAF Night’s Watch

    Stark and Night's Watch Heroes

    Stark and Night’s Watch Heroes, Ornate level

    Benjen Stark on Stag

    Benjen Stark on Stag, Ornate level

    ASOIAF Night’s Watch - Benjen Stark and Night's Watch mounted

    Benjen Stark and Night’s Watch mounted, Ornate

    Stark Heroes

    Stark Heroes, Ornate level

    Benjen Stark on foot - ASOIAF Night’s Watch

    Benjen Stark on foot, Ornate

    ASOIAF Night’s Watch painting

    Their attention to detail and dedication made my Night’s Watch miniatures come to life, highly recommended!


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