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Bretonnian Knights

    We at Art-W Studio are excited to share with you our latest finished project! We have brought to life a set of brave Bretonnian Knights, consisting of 5 original Games Workshop miniatures and 12 alternate brand miniatures. This assignment has allowed us to leave the world of Warhammer 40k and touch other universes, and the result is truly dazzling.

    Each of the knights has been painted following the heraldry of five different houses, as indicated by our client. The Ornate level used in the painting of the miniatures and the decoration of the bases reflects the dedication and care with which we have worked on this project.

    The bases recreate a low vegetation environment, like a meadow or a sparse forest, where the knights of Bretonia stand proud and combative. In addition, the miniatures show wear and tear on their armor and aging on their clothing, such as scratches and marks of the passage of time, which adds a surprising realism.

    We have paid special attention to the details of aging and wear on the armor, contrasting these areas with the striking colors of the heraldry of each house. This approach makes each Bretonnian have their own personality and tell their own story through their armor and clothing.

    This Grail Knights commission has been an exciting adventure for our team. We are confident that these miniatures will cause admiration both in battle and in their owner’s display case, and we are looking forward to new challenges in the Warhammer Fantasy universe.


    ✻ Age of Sigmar

    ✼ Seraphon

    ✻ Assembly

    ✼ Painting

    ✻ Basing

    Customer briefing

    I want some Grail Knights

    After seeing your impressive work on Play On Tabletop, I had no doubt that you would be the perfect studio to take care of my Knights of Bretonia. I was fascinated by the aesthetics you achieve in your creations, and I can’t wait to see how you will bring my knights to life.

    I’ve come up with four different heraldries for the riders, with four knights sporting each of them. Also, I’d like the leader to have a unique color scheme, inspired by the cover of the Bretonnian Army Book.

    I would love to see wear and scratches on the knights’ armor and clothing, as marks of past battles. For the mounts, I prefer brown tones that bring realism and unity to the set.

    As for the bases, I would like them to have low bushes, allowing the horses to be clearly seen and not hidden.

    General photo of the Knights of the Grail, all at Ornate level

    Daily monitoring of the Bretonnian Knights

    Coming up with five schemes that worked well together was undoubtedly the most challenging aspect of the project. Instead of working on a single sample miniature, we tackled four of them simultaneously. We studied various patterns and analyzed how to best integrate them into the mounts and riders.

    Once satisfied with the result, we applied it to the Games Workshop miniatures and, after receiving the client’s approval, we focused on the remaining 12 Grail knights. Following the client’s indications, we worked on the wear on both the metal armor and the shields, superimposing it on the heraldry of each house to represent the marks of blows and scratches received in combat.

    This meticulous and adaptive approach allowed us to achieve a coherent and striking result for the set of knights, ensuring that each miniature reflected the essence of its house and, at the same time, was part of a unified and stylistically harmonious group.



    Bretonnian Knights Bretonnian Knights Bretonnian Knights Bretonnian Knights Bretonnian Knights Bretonnian Knights Bretonnian Knights Bretonnian Knights Bretonnian Knights Bretonnian Knights Bretonnian Knights Bretonnian Knights Bretonnian Knights Bretonnian Knights

    Bretonnian Knights, painted at Ornate level

    Bretonnian Horsemen with red and bone scheme, Ornate

    Grail Knights from Games Worshop, Ornate

    Bretonnians with blue stripes and bone heraldry, Ornate

    Knight with blue and bone heraldry, Ornate

    Art-W Studio has exceeded my expectations with their magnificent Bretonnian Knights. The attention to detail and realism in each miniature is simply amazing. great job!


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