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Jungle Votann

    Jungle Votann
    Color and paint schemes

    We are excited to share with you the latest project we have finished at Art-W Studio, a jungle Votann, which have been customised according to our client’s preferences. This project combines the Game level with a touch of the Ornate level in certain units, creating an incredibly attractive mix.

    One feature that makes this Warhammer army unique is its magnetic functionality of the bases: we have incorporated more than 200 magnets to fulfil this peculiar request. The heroes and vehicles of this project received the most attention, standing out in a camouflage pattern reminiscent of the ford explorer from the movie Jurassic Park.

    In the middle of the jungle of the game board, these miniatures advance in combat-worn armour, but do not let themselves be overshadowed. Their yellow armour stands out, they are a must for our client and can be seen from metres away. The bases are carefully crafted with various techniques and textures, combining tuft and 3D printing for the larger plants, contrasting beautifully with the miniatures.


    ✻ Warhammer 40k


    ✻ Assembly


    ✻ Basing

    ✻ 3D Primting

    ✻ Magnetizing

    Jungle Votann army

    Customer briefing

    Yellow votann

    When our client discovered Art-W Studio, he had a specific vision for his Votann League miniatures, he contacted us and expressed his desire for a colour scheme that would stand out on the table. Especially a radiant yellow accompanied by greens evoking the rich and vast nature of the Dragon Clan from “The Legend of the Five Rings”.

    The client also had a special request: he wanted his tanks to carry a very particular camouflage pattern, adding a customised touch that would create a unique gaming experience. We appreciate the trust he placed in our team to bring his vision to reality.

    General photo of the project levels Game and Ornate

    General photo of the project levels Game and Ornate

    Votann through the jungle

    The process of creating these miniatures for the Votann leagues has been a journey of constant communication and refinement. We started with a sample miniature to confirm the colour schemes, then moved forward, keeping in constant follow-up with our client.

    The magnetising was undoubtedly the most laborious challenge; with new, more complex kits, we had to juggle to magnetise all the requested options. However, the result of this painstaking work has been a completely customised and versatile army.

    Through the daily progress photos, you can see the transformation of these miniatures, from assembly to magnetisation, to painting and finishing the bases. It was a real joy to share every step of this journey with our customer!

    Assembling and Painting process of Jungle Votann

    Jungle Votann Jungle Votann Jungle Votann Jungle Votann Jungle Votann Jungle Votann Jungle Votann Jungle Votann Jungle Votann Jungle Votann Jungle Votann Jungle Votann Jungle Votann Jungle Votann Jungle Votann

    Grimnyr and Champion Einhyr Ornate

    Grimnyr and Champion Einhyr Ornate

    Painted Kâhl Ornate

    Kâhl Painted Ornate

    Hernkyn Pioneers Game level

    Hernkyn Pioneers Game level

    Hekaton Earth Fortress Ornate

    Hekaton Land Fortress Ornate

    Cthonian Beserkes Game

    Cthonian Beserks Game

    Jungle Votann painted miniatures

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