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Loyal Night Lords

    Loyal Night Lords
    Color and paint schemes

    Welcome, passionate modelers and Space Marine fans! We are pleased to share with you a project that has pushed our skills to the limit. From the imposing Redemptor Dreadnought to the nimble Assault Intercessors unit, this Loyal Night Lords project encompasses a wide range of miniatures, all united under the banner of the Night Masters.
    The color scheme, inspired by the Night Masters but maintaining their allegiance, becomes an artistic challenge. Dark blues and desaturated golds bring these miniatures to life, while chaotic details are subtly incorporated through strategically placed decals.
    This monumental project was divided into specialized phases. From the assembly and application of the airbrush base to the meticulous painting of heroes and vehicles, every aspect received the attention it deserved. The bases, skillfully set in dark environments but evocative of the loyalty of these warriors, add the finishing touch to this visual narrative.
    But the innovation doesn’t stop there. We have incorporated 3D printed elements, adding an additional layer of customization to each miniature. Unique details, from insignia to small accessories, further elevate this picturesque display.A single painter has woven the main plot, from the assembly of the miniatures to the last touch of the brush. However, when the machinery of time was not enough, a second painter entered the scene to bring the imposing Dreadnought to life.


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    ✻ Loyal Night Lords


    ✻ Basing


    Amos de la Noche

    Customer briefing

    Loyalty in the Darkness

    The story of this exciting Loyal Night Lords project began with an unexpected connection. A passionate Warhammer collector, devoted to the Night Lords, stumbled upon Art-W Studio’s creations in the hobby networks. Fascinated by our artistic approach, he decided to entrust us with a unique challenge: an army of loyal Space Marines, something few dare to ask for.
    His vision was clear: a force that would honor the darkness of the Night Lords, but maintain its loyalty to the Emperor. The color scheme was to be a faithful interpretation of the signature dark blues and desaturated golds, but without falling into the elements of chaos. A request that resonated with our team, eager for creative challenges.
    In addition, the client wanted the miniatures to feature special details: the chaos decals of the Night Lords, strategically placed to add a distinctive touch. A request that, far from intimidating us, inspired us to take customization to new horizons.

    Amos de la Noche

    Photo of the project Game & Ornate level

    The Awakening of the Loyalists

    From day one, our team immersed themselves in the creation of this exceptional army. Pau took the reins, bringing the sample miniature to life with impressive mastery. The assembly of the miniatures marked the beginning, followed by the expert application of airbrush bases to establish the distinctive color palette of the Loyalist Night Lords.
    Specialization was key in each phase. Infantry, heroes, vehicles; each unit received personalized attention. As the miniatures came to life, the dark environments of the bases were masterfully woven to complement the visual narrative. We sent the client daily photos, allowing them to closely follow the evolution from conception to completion.
    These images capture moments, minute details that embody the essence of the Amos of the Night. Join us on this journey where each image tells a story of creativity and dedication.

    Amos de la Noche

    Loyal Night Lords Loyal Night Lords Loyal Night Lords Loyal Night Lords Loyal Night Lords Loyal Night Lords Loyal Night Lords Loyal Night Lords Loyal Night Lords Loyal Night Lords Loyal Night Lords Loyal Night Lords Loyal Night Lords Loyal Night Lords

    Amos de la Noche

    Redemptor Dreadnought, Ornate level

    Amos de la Noche

    Eradicators Game

    Amos de la Noche

    Impulsor Game

    Amos de la Noche

    Invader ATV Game

    Amos de la Noche

    Incursors, Game level

    Amos de la Noche

    ¡Increíbles! Entre estos y las anteriores remesas ya darán un pelín de miedo en mesa xD


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