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Middenheim Maulers

    Middenheim Maulers
    Color and paint schemes

    Welcome to the world of Blood Bowl, where the chaos of competition blends with the precision of art! We at Art-W Studio are proud to present our latest project: the “Old World Alliance”, a vibrant and diverse team that embodies the passion of the sport and the skill of modeling.
    This Middenheim Maulers team, commissioned by a passionate gaming client, is composed of a variety of races ranging from humans and dwarves to halflings and a fearsome ogre. With a total of 21 miniatures, including players, blockers and game tokens, each piece was carefully selected and assembled to represent the essence of the Sant Andreu team.
    The color schemes have been meticulously adapted from the flag of Catalonia, using red and yellow stripes for the jersey and shoulder pads, while black dominates on the pants, giving a dynamic and recognizable look to the team. The miniatures are set on detailed bases that evoke the atmosphere of a Blood Bowl stadium, with painted turf, field markings and a palpable competitive atmosphere.
    As for the process, each miniature was carefully assembled and prepared, removing burrs and filling gaps to ensure a perfect surface. The painting was carried out at a premium level, with layers of smooth and defined color, enhancing every detail of the figures. The bases, crafted with a combination of techniques, including painting and modeling elements, add a final touch of realism and style.



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    ✻ Basing

    Merodeadores Middenheim

    Customer briefing

    The Color of Triumph: The Making of the Old-World Alliance

    Our latest project, the “Old World Alliance”, arose from a unique connection between a client and his passion for the Blood Bowl. This enthusiastic fan of the Sant Andreu team came to us at Art-W Studio with a clear desire: to see his favorite team recreated in miniature with as much splendor and fidelity as possible.
    From the moment he contacted us, we knew this Middenheim Maulers project would be special. The client shared with us his vision: he wanted each miniature to reflect the colors and spirit of his beloved team, with the distinctive red and yellow of the Catalan flag adorning each player’s kit.
    In addition, the client had specific requests to ensure that the project was perfect. From details such as the cleanliness of the burrs to the style of the bases, every aspect was discussed and agreed upon with precision to ensure that the result was a faithful and exciting representation of the Sant Andreu team.

    Merodeadores Middenheim

    Photo of the project Premium level

    The Road to Victory: representing the colors of the earth

    At Art-W Studio, every project is a story in itself, and the creation of the “Old World Alliance” was no exception. From day one, we immersed ourselves in the challenge of bringing this unique team to life.
    Our process was meticulous and detailed. From the initial preparation of the miniatures to the final touches on the bases, each stage was documented and shared with our client. Through daily photos, we kept you informed and allowed you to be part of the creative journey.
    From burr cleaning and gap filling to the application of premium paint coats, each miniature received individualized care to ensure its quality and fidelity to the original design. The bases, set with grass and field markings, added a final touch of realism and authenticity to the set.
    With each update, our client was able to see his vision come to life before his eyes, and his enthusiasm and support were an invaluable boost to our team. The result is a tribute to the teamwork and dedication shared between client and creators.

    Merodeadores Middenheim

    Middenheim Maulers Middenheim Maulers Middenheim Maulers Middenheim Maulers Middenheim Maulers Middenheim Maulers Middenheim Maulers Middenheim Maulers Middenheim Maulers Middenheim Maulers Middenheim Maulers Middenheim Maulers Middenheim Maulers Middenheim Maulers Middenheim Maulers

    Merodeadores Middenheim

    Ogre & Human Lineman, Premium level

    Merodeadores Middenheim

    Human Thrower, Premium level

    Merodeadores Middenheim

    Dwarf Blocker Premium

    Merodeadores Middenheim

    Alter Forest Treeman & Human Thrower Premium

    Middenheim Maulers

    Halfling, Premium level


    ¡Increíbles! Entre estos y las anteriores remesas ya darán un pelín de miedo en mesa xD


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