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Overwatch Imperial Knights

    Overwatch Imperial Knights
    Color and paint schemes

    Art-W Studio, we plunged into a unique odyssey, an epic project that merges two captivating worlds: Overwatch Imperial Knights and Warhammer 40,000.
    In this creative journey, we have forged an amazing army composed of an amalgam of iconic miniatures. From the imposing Questoris Knights inspired by D.Va and Bastion to the agile Armigers that pay homage to Overwatch heroes like Soldier 76, Symmetra, McCree, and Tracer – diversity is our strength!
    Each brushstroke has been guided by the vibrant and distinctive color palette of the video game characters. From D.Va’s bubblegum pink to Bastion’s military tones, every detail has been meticulously captured in our creations. And to unify this diverse cast, the premium bases have been molded with the essence of the Eichenwalde ruins, recreated in 3D resin for stunning authenticity.
    Each piece has been assembled with the precision of a war strategist, with magnetic details to offer tactical options. 3D printing? A crucial resource, used to recreate the unique features of heroes and battlefield ruins. And let’s not forget the conversions that add a special touch without compromising the integrity of the game.
    From the initial design to the last stroke of paint, we have faithfully followed Jason’s guidelines, a true expert in the universe he inhabits. Our team, led by Adrian, Pedro, Mar and Lucian, has injected life and personality into each figure, working tirelessly to capture the essence of these miniature warriors.
    This Overwatch Imperial Knights project has been more than a challenge; it has been an adventure that has led us to explore new creative limits.


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    Imperial Knights Overwatch

    Customer briefing

    Creative Challenge: Merging Overwatch and Warhammer

    In the vast digital landscape, we met Jason, a true commander on the virtual battlefields of Overwatch and Warhammer 40,000. His desire to combine these two universes instantly appealed to us. Jason, chose us at Art-W Studio to bring his unique vision to life.
    The brief was ambitious and exciting: an army of Imperial Knights, each personifying the heroes of Overwatch Imperial Knights. Two IKs, six Armigers and three assassins, each piece destined to be a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Jason wasn’t just looking for paint; he wanted an authentic representation of his favorite characters, with vibrant color schemes and bases that evoked the essence of the game.
    In every interaction, we discovered Jason’s meticulousness, his deep knowledge of the universe he loved. This project was not just a technical task; it was a collaboration to bring to life the imagination of a true expert.

    Imperial Knights Overwatch

    Project photo Ornate & Premium level

    Symphony of Colors, a journey to Overwatch

    From the first stroke to the last brushstroke, every day has been an immersion into Jason’s imagination. We have shared with him each progress, each transformation that has brought these miniatures to life.
    The process was a ballet of creativity and technique. From the search for the perfect 3D parts to the meticulous planning of each print. Assembly and magnetization, a choreographed dance to ensure tactical options. Conversions, a touch of magic, subtle but impactful, so that each miniature retains its essence.
    And then came the color palette, where the masters of Art-W Studio, under the attentive direction of Jason, brought the heroes to life. Adrian resurrected Bastion with wear and wraparound details, while Peter injected elegance into D.Va’s Knight with pink tones unique to the Warhammer universe. Each Armiger and assassin, meticulously treated to stand out on the battlefield.

    Imperial Knights Overwatch

    Overwatch Imperial Knights Overwatch Imperial Knights Overwatch Imperial Knights Overwatch Imperial Knights Overwatch Imperial Knights Overwatch Imperial Knights

    Imperial Knights Overwatch

    Questoris Knight Bastion, Ornate level

    Imperial Knights Overwatch

    Armiger Symmetra, Ornate level

    Imperial Knights Overwatch

    Eversor Assassin Reaper, Vindicare Assassin Widowmaker & Canis Rex D.Va, Premium

    Imperial Knights Overwatch

    Armiger McCree Ornate

    Imperial Knights Overwatch

    Questoris Knight & D.Va, Ornate & Premium level

    Imperial Knights Overwatch

    ¡Increíbles! Entre estos y las anteriores remesas ya darán un pelín de miedo en mesa xD


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