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Tribal Space Wolves

    Tribal Space Wolves
    Color and paint schemes

    This time, we dive into the exciting tenth edition of Warhammer 40,000 with the long-awaited Leviathan box.
    Imagine the Viking pack of defenders of humanity, the Tribal Space Wolves, but with a custom and wild twist. This time, in collaboration with our talented friends at Greytide Studio, we incorporated 3D printed bits to transform these miniatures into authentic sons of Russ.
    The composition of the Leviathan box for Space Marines features a diverse range of figures, from the imposing Captain Exterminator to the ferocious Dreadnought Ballistus. To enhance the fierce essence of these Norse warriors, we opted for a two-color scheme: a pure white splashed with sky blue tribal markings. This design, with its chipping and dirt stains, reflects the harshness of battle in a wooded setting, where snow and warfare are constant.
    Our commitment to excellence does not stop there. Each miniature underwent a meticulous process that encompassed assembly, 3D bit printing for unique conversions, construction of visually appealing bases and, of course, painting to ornate, premium levels. We created a unique environment that transports these mighty figures into a setting where every step leaves footprints in the snow.
    This project, being the third foray into the world of Space Wolves, allowed us to simplify some phases by having already established the scheme. However, the real innovation lies in the custom details we added through Greytide’s 3D bits, highlighting fur, bones, rune stones and jewelry.


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    ✻ 3D Printing

    Lobos Espaciales Tribales

    Customer briefing

    Brushstrokes in the Snow

    The connection with this passionate customer was forged through his love for Tribal Space Wolves and his devotion to Warhammer 40,000 10th Edition. He chose us for the third time, looking for his Leviathan box to be more than just standard miniatures; he wanted each figure to emanate the wild essence of these space Vikings.
    The client, previously satisfied with our two previous projects, was confident in our ability to transform his vision into reality. He challenged us to incorporate 3D printed bits from Greytide Studio to bring unique Space Wolves to life. His request was not limited to the usual color scheme; he sought customization through tribal markings, even defying convention by applying the same scheme to the Librarian and Apothecary.
    Aware of our skill, he allowed us to explore new dimensions in the setting of the bases, immersing his Space Wolves in a wooded and snowy landscape. His vision transcended the conventional, and the trust he placed in us ignited the creative spark to take this project to a whole new level.

    Lobos Espaciales Tribales

    Project photo Ornate & Premium level

    Exploring Russ’s Fury: Space Wolves in Process

    Each day, we shared with our client the fascinating journey of turning the Warhammer Leviathan box into an epic setting for the Space Wolves. The daily progress photos were not only a visual record, but a window into the evolution of these miniatures from conception to completion.
    From initial assembly to the final brush stroke, every phase of the process was captured in detail. Collaboration with Greytide Studio allowed us to incorporate 3D printed bits, adding unique and detailed elements to each figure. The airbrush spread the base layers of white, preparing the canvas for the artistic expression that would follow.
    Every detail was meticulously crafted: the blue tribal markings, masked and applied with precision; the touch of battle damage achieved with sponge and brush; the definition of joints with oil-based products; the lights and shadows that brought each component to life. The more premium pieces, such as the Librarian and the Wolf Lord, were left for last, allowing for a dedicated and precise approach.
    This project was not simply an assignment, but a living, evolving collaboration. Each image captures the unique essence of Space Wolves and the dedication we put into bringing this vision to life.

    Lobos Espaciales Tribales

    Tribal Space Wolves Tribal Space Wolves Tribal Space Wolves Tribal Space Wolves Tribal Space Wolves Tribal Space Wolves Tribal Space Wolves Tribal Space Wolves

    Lobos Espaciales Tribales

    Dreadnought Ballistus, Ornate level

    Lobos Espaciales Tribales

    Lord Wolf Terminator Armour, Premium level

    Lobos Espaciales Tribales

    Librarian Terminator Armour Premium

    Lobos Espaciales Tribales

    Apothecary Biologis Ornate

    Lobos Espaciales Tribales

    Lieutenant Phobos Armour, Ornate level

    Lobos Espaciales Tribales

    ¡Increíbles! Entre estos y las anteriores remesas ya darán un pelín de miedo en mesa xD


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