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Republic Clone Squad

    Republic Clone Squad
    Color and paint schemes

    At Art-W Studio, we are excited to present the Republic Clone Squad, our latest project, which has taken us to the far reaches of a galaxy far, far away. We dove into the exciting Star Wars Legion universe to bring to life a unique set of Clone Troopers miniatures.
    This exciting project includes a variety of iconic figures, from respected commanders to brave Republic soldiers. Each of these figures has been meticulously assembled and hand-painted to capture the essence of the Republic army as they fight on the planet Geonosis.
    We have opted for the classic white color scheme, as seen in the famous battle of Geonosis in “Attack of the Clones”, with distinctive details highlighting the military hierarchy of each figure. The carefully crafted bases transport viewers to the arid reddish deserts of Geonosis, thanks to 3D printed elements that add depth and realism to each base.
    As for the creative process, we followed a thorough and detailed approach. From the creation of an initial sample for customer approval to the final painting and assembly of the bases, each step has been carried out with passion and precision. In addition, we have paid special attention to the wear and tear of the colorsof this Republic Clone Squad, ensuring that the figures reflect the harshness of battle in such a hostile environment as Geonosis.


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    Escuadrón Clones Republica

    Customer briefing

    A painting project in a galaxy far, far away

    Fate brought us to an unexpected encounter with a true hero of the galaxy: our client, a devoted Star Wars fan in search of miniature adventures. With infectious enthusiasm, he approached us with an exciting project in hand: the creation of a squadron of Star Wars Legion Clone Troopers, inspired by the legendary battle of Geonosis.
    From the very beginning, it was clear that our client was determined to make every detail of his project perfect. He tasked us with painting a variety of figures, including the revered Commanders Cody and Rex, as well as numerous Phase I Clone Troopers. In addition, he asked us to follow the classic Phase I Clone Troopers color scheme, faithfully recreating the atmosphere of the Battle of Geonosis.
    With a clear vision and a deep love for the Star Wars universe, our client trusted us to bring their favorite characters to life on the battlefield. We are honored to be able to work on this exciting project and are committed to exceeding all expectations.

    Escuadrón Clones Republica

    Photo of the project Ornate level

    In the Geonosis trenches

    At Art-W Studio, we are proud to share with you the exciting journey we undertook in painting these amazing Clone Troopers miniatures. From day one, we dove into the project with passion and dedication, keeping the client informed every step of the way.
    Our meticulous attention to detail is reflected in the images we share daily, showing the progress of each figure and base. From initial assembly to the final touches of paint, every stage of the process has been captured and shared, allowing the customer to feel part of the journey.
    We are pleased to have exceeded the client’s expectations and hope these images convey the passion and care we devote to each project at Art-W Studio.

    Escuadrón Clones Republica

    Republic Clone Squad Republic Clone Squad Republic Clone Squad Republic Clone Squad Republic Clone Squad Republic Clone Squad Republic Clone Squad Republic Clone Squad Republic Clone Squad Republic Clone Squad Republic Clone Squad Republic Clone Squad Republic Clone Squad

    Escuadrón Clones Republica

    Commander Cody, Ornate level

    Escuadrón Clones Republica

    Clone Trooper Phase I, Ornate level

    Escuadrón Clones Republica

    Captain Rex Premium

    Escuadrón Clones Republica

    Commander Cody Ornate

    Escuadrón Clones Republica

    Captain Rex, Premium level

    Escuadrón Clones Republica

    ¡Increíbles! Entre estos y las anteriores remesas ya darán un pelín de miedo en mesa xD


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