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Salamanders Sternguard

    Greetings, Warhammer 40k fans! At Art-W Studio, we have just completed an incredibly exciting project: a custom unit of Salamander Sternguard Veterans. We’re excited to share the details of this project with you, as we’ve put a lot of creativity and effort into it.

    The project includes the assembly, conversion, painting and decoration of the bases of 2 units of Bladeguard Veterans and a Primaris Lieutenant in heavy armor. Using 3D elements and green stuff, we have managed to create unique miniatures with dynamic poses and full of personality. We followed the color scheme of the Salamanders, with green and black armor, gold details and deep red fire effects.

    For the bases, we designed a ruined urban environment, full of rubble, crumbling walls, pipes and junk. We applied weathering effects on the miniatures, showing severe wear on armor, belts and leather belts. The whole project has been done at Premium level, both in painting and base decoration.

    We hope you enjoy this glimpse of our latest project and that it brings you a little closer to the exciting world of the Salamanders in Warhammer 40k.


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    Salamanders Sternguard Army

    Customer briefing

    I want unique Salamanders Sternguards

    Patrick had been delighted with a previous project we had worked on together, creating a custom Salamander hero. Seeing the result, he couldn’t help but want to expand his collection and contacted us to order 6 Salamander Sternguards.

    He was very clear that he wanted to continue with the color scheme we had employed on the hero, using the Salamanders’ characteristic colors: green and black armor and details. I also wanted the miniatures to show severe wear effects on the armor, conveying the feeling of experienced and battle-hardened warriors.

    With all the information in our hands, we jumped right into the project to make his Salamander Sternguard Veterans project a reality.

    Salamanders Sternguard painted miniatures

    General photo of the project, Premium level

    Tailor-made miniatures

    We started by focusing on the assembly and conversion of the miniatures, using 3D printed elements and green stuffer to create some sternguards from the box of Bladeguard veterans with dynamic and customized poses. Thanks to these conversions, we were able to create six unique figures that you won’t find anywhere else, guaranteeing the exclusivity of our client’s collection.

    Once assembled and converted, we proceeded to paint them following the color scheme already established in the previous project, which allowed us to streamline the process and maintain consistency in the client’s collection. As for the bases, we based them on the aesthetics of the previous project, recreating a ruined urban environment full of rubble, walls, pipes and scrap metal.

    Throughout the project, we maintained constant communication with the client, sharing photos of daily progress and adjusting details according to their preferences.

    Salamander Sternguard assembly and painting process

    Salamanders Sternguard Salamanders Sternguard Salamanders Sternguard Salamanders Sternguard Salamanders Sternguard Salamanders Sternguard Salamanders Sternguard Salamanders Sternguard Salamanders Sternguard Salamanders Sternguard

    Salamander Sternguard

    Salamander Sternguard, Premium level

    Salamander Sternguard Warhammer

    Salamander Sternguard, Premium level

    Salamander Veteran with combi-flamer

    Salamander Veteran with combi-flamer, Premium level

    Salamander Veteran with energy sword

    Salamander Veteran with energy sword, Premium level

    Salamander Sternguard

    Salamander Sternguard, Premium level

    Salamander Sternguard's Army

    The unique conversions and level of detail in the painting have taken my collection to the next level.Thank you!


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