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Tribal Space Wolves Army

    Tribal Space Wolves Army
    Color and paint schemes

    An impressive army of Space Wolves has been created, composed of a variety of troops, including Infiltrators, Bladeguards, Wolf Guards, and Land Speeders, among others. The chosen aesthetic for the paint of the miniatures for this project is predominantly light grey, with tribal marks in blue and a grimdark look overall. Each piece has been meticulously painted to Ornate level, and all the bases of the miniatures have been worked on to create a coherent environment in a snowy world with low vegetation.

    To give the units personality, small modifications have been made using alternative bits and 3D prints. Additionally, battle damage and weathering details have been added to create a more realistic and gritty appearance. The main focus has been to work on different tribal marks, using various shades of blue to create depth and texture.

    Copper-bronze color has been used instead of the typical gold to achieve a darker and more weathered aesthetic that fits perfectly with this faction’s theme. In summary, an impressive and detailed army of Space Wolves has been created that will undoubtedly impress any enemy that crosses their path.


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    Customer briefing

    I want a unique Space Wolves army

    For a long time, I’ve been considering starting a project for a Space Wolves army, and finally, the time has come to dive into this exciting adventure. I love the Viking-tribal aesthetic of this chapter, and I want to follow that line with some of my own adaptations, using a light gray for the armor and random tribal marks on the different armor plates.

    My main goal is to create miniatures that look like veteran warriors who have fought for decades, winning battles and fighting for humanity’s survival in a snowy, hostile, and dangerous world. I want my Space Wolves to have a realistic and authentic look, with visible battle damage and wear on their armor.

    General photo of the project, completely painted to Ornate level

    Daily follow-up,Tribal Space Wolves

    We decided to give a personalized and distinctive touch to their army by focusing on what was most representative, which were the tribal markings. From our studio designed various patterns, lines, crosses, and triangles resembling teeth. We chose shades of blue that are reminiscent of ice to create that icy/snowy atmosphere. Additionally, we introduced a variety of warm tones in the shadows of gray to enrich the overall look of the miniatures.

    To give more background to the army, we created a snowy steppe for the bases. Using cork, mud effect texture, and various snow effects, we achieved a realistic look of wet snow. We also added some shrubs growing between the rocks to give more variety and depth to the set. We are very satisfied with the final result, and we are confident that their opponents will also appreciate it on the battlefield.

    tribal Space Wolves


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    Space Wolves Tribal Army Space Wolves Tribal Army Space Wolves Tribal Army Space Wolves Tribal Army Space Wolves Tribal Army Space Wolves Tribal Army Space Wolves Tribal Army Space Wolves Tribal Army Space Wolves Tribal Army

    Space Wolves

    Sergeant of the Wolf Guard, painted to Ornate level

    Space Wolves

    Infiltrator, Ornate level

    Bladeguard Sergeant, Ornate level

    Bladeguards, Ornate level

    Wulfen, Ornate painted

    Space Wolves

    Amazing attention to detail and customization on my Space Wolves army project. The tribal markings and snowy base added a unique and authentic touch. Highly recommend!


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