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Tyranid Hive Fleet Custom

    Tyranid Hive Fleet Custom
    Color and paint schemes

    Get ready to dive into the galaxy of creativity with our latest project at Art-W Studio! This time, we delve into the fierce Warhammer 40k universe to bring to life a swarm fleet and an army of Carcharodon Space Marines. Ready to discover the fascinating journey we set out on?
    The miniatures, carefully selected from the Leviathan box, bring to life an amazing variety: from the imposing Winged Hive Tyrant to the intricate Neurogants. Inspired by the Behemoth swarm fleet, we adjusted the color scheme, opting for a black chitin and subtle purple touches for the membranes of the Tyranid Hive Fleet Custom.
    The environment surrounding these miniatures is no less impressive. The bases, worked with Art-W Studio’s characteristic mastery, feature AK’s dark earth texture, enhanced with greenish pigments to evoke the feeling of an alien forest. From assembly to the last painting detail, every phase of the project reflects our commitment to excellence and immersion in the Warhammer universe.


    Warhammer 40k

    ✻ Tyranid Hive Fleet Custom


    ✻ Basing


    Tiranidos Enjambre Custom

    Customer briefing

    Between Alien Forests and Black Chitin

    In the strategic corner of the Warhammer 40k universe, an astute commander discovered us in the middle of the artistic galaxy. This visionary strategist was looking to Art-W Studio for the key to unlock his unique vision: a swarm fleet and Carcharodon Space Marines that would stand out on the battlefield and on the shelf. Their request came to us with a challenge: merge the imposing Behemoth fleet with their own twist. The specific request for a colour scheme, chitin in black and purple membranes, left us intrigued and excited. He commissioned us to assemble, game level paint and bases that would tell the story of his army in every detail. His vision included the addition of imposing leaders, a Winged Hive Tyrant and a Haruspex, to command with ferocity and style. Each figure was to be a tactical work of art, captivating in both aesthetics and gameplay functionality. We dove into this creative campaign with a mission to take their vision to new tactical heights.

    Tiranidos Enjambre Custom

    Photo of the project Game & Ornate level

    The Creation of a Single Swarm Fleet

    Throughout this exciting journey in the forging of miniaturized worlds, we shared with our client every step of the creation of his Carcharodon swarm fleet and Space Marine army. From the moment we began assembling the key pieces of the Leviathan box to the last touch on the bases, every day was an adventure where strategy and creativity merged.
    Our visual diary captures the essence of the process: the first brush strokes, the meticulous airbrush work, and the transformation of crude miniatures into towering miniature warriors. The initial sample, approved by the client, marked the beginning of a full immersion into the custom color scheme, with the chitin in black and the purple membranes coming to life.
    The images show the skill and dedication of our team, each bringing their skills to this creative odyssey. A project that began with a vision now materializes in every painted detail and textured base. Anticipation grows as we share these snapshots, eager to reveal the final result.

    Tiranidos Enjambre Custom

    Tyranid Hive Fleet Custom Tyranid Hive Fleet Custom Tyranid Hive Fleet Custom Tyranid Hive Fleet Custom Tyranid Hive Fleet Custom Tyranid Hive Fleet Custom Tyranid Hive Fleet Custom Tyranid Hive Fleet Custom Tyranid Hive Fleet Custom Tyranid Hive Fleet Custom Tyranid Hive Fleet Custom

    Tiranidos Enjambre Custom

    Winged Tyranid Prime, Game level

    Tiranidos Enjambre Custom

    Termagants Game level

    Tiranidos Enjambre Custom

    Von Ryan’s Leapers Game

    Tiranidos Enjambre Custom

    Screamerkiller Game

    Tiranidos Enjambre Custom

    Winged Hive Tyrant, Ornate level

    Tiranidos Enjambre Custom

    ¡Increíbles! Entre estos y las anteriores remesas ya darán un pelín de miedo en mesa xD


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