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Word Bearers

    Word Bearers
    Color and paint schemes

    We have finished a Legionaries Kill Team project based on the Word Bearers scheme. We have been inspired by the original maroon and silver scheme, but with a much darker and spookier twist. The secret formula to achieve this sinister look has been to incorporate green fire OSL and extreme wear and tear, thus achieving a truly authentic Grimdark style.

    We have painted each miniature at our Ornate level, paying special attention to all the elements that compose them. For the bases, we have merged 3D printing technology with various textures to design a demonic setting drenched in the forces of Chaos.

    We didn’t settle for aesthetics and added touches of battle damage and aging effects, giving the miniatures a rawer and more realistic look. Our strategy focused on creating a contrast between the damaged armor and the metalized parts of machinery and trim, thus highlighting the worn and brutal character of the pieces.


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    ✼ Word bearers

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    Word Bearers

    Customer briefing

    I want a Word Bearers KT

    I would like the scheme to follow the style of the Word Bearers, incorporating attrition and battle damage effects to give them an authentic and differentiated look. As for the Warhammer bases, I don’t have a very concrete idea in mind, so I trust in your criteria and skills to design something that fits well with the theme and style of the miniatures.

    I am eager to see how you approach this new project, I have full confidence that the result will be as amazing as the work on my Black Templars.

    Word Bearers legionaries kill team

    General photo of the project, Ornate



    Daily follow-up

    Participating in this project has been a rewarding and challenging experience. While the paint scheme was already established, our challenge was to find the tones that best suited the concept. The real creative freedom was found in the design of the bases, where we decided to create a world with green flames emerging from the ground, combining perfectly with the red of the armor.

    We integrated this green fire into the Balefire Acolyte, achieving a cohesion between his dark magic and the bases. Our focus was to achieve realistic weathering on the armor, applying chipping effects in different tones on the red and adding scratches and weathering on the piping.

    Word Bearers process

    Word bearers Word bearers Word bearers Word bearers Word bearers Word bearers Word bearers Word bearers Word bearers Word bearers Word bearers Word bearers Word bearers Word bearers Word bearers Word bearers

    Word Bearers Icon Bearer Legionary

    Icon Bearer Legionary, painted Ornate level

    Word Bearers legionary warrior

    Legionary Warrior, Ornate level

    Word Bearers Legionary Gunner

    Legionary Gunner, Ornate

    Word Bearers Balefire Acolyte

    Balefire Acolyte, Ornate

    Word Bearers legionary heavy gunner

    Legionary Heavy Gunner

    Word Bearers Legionaries Kill Team project

    I have already worked with them on several projects and each time they have done a great job.


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