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World Eaters Army II

    World Eaters Army II
    Color and paint schemes

    We plunge once again into the bowels of battle, leading the overflowing forces of the devourers of worlds. This time, under the rule of the demon primarch Angron, the very personification of fury and hatred.
    The stage is tinged with blood red as we deploy an impressive army, a fierce expansion for the devoted followers of Khorne. Among the ranks, the imposing Primarch Angron, the strategic Lord Invocatus, a bloodthirsty Helbrute, the dreaded Exalted Eightbound, a lethal unit of Jakhals and, as icing on the cake, the indomitable Valkia the Bloody.
    We immersed ourselves in the creation with meticulous assembly and the application of advanced 3D printing techniques to endow the skull bases with sinister realism. Each miniature is carefully assembled, from thirsty beasts to relentless heroes. Blood red armor, flashing gold trim, black leathers concealing dark secrets, tarnished bones and, of course, the hallmark: blood, lots of blood!
    On a daily basis in our workshop, we unleash the creative fury on the miniatures. We started with the heroes, captained by Angron himself, whose majesty demanded to be tackled first. Our painter Adri strategically disassembled a part of Angron to access every detail, while Lucian raised the Lord Invocatus’ base to capture his essence of flight. The lovely Valkia, in Mar’s hands, received a special touch with a green disformed fire, adjusted to our client’s custom requirements.
    After the heroes, the infantry took shape in specialized hands, each unit assigned to a painter, ensuring visual cohesion and quality in every corner of this chaotic army. And what about Valkia the Sanguinary? Although she is not a Chaos Space Marine creation, her inclusion was a strategic success, adding a brutal and bloodthirsty touch to the ranks, a mystery that only the battlefield will reveal.


    Warhammer 40k

    World Eaters



    ✻ Basing

    3D printing

    Devoradores de Mundos

    Customer briefing

    A Pact with Chaos: The Assignment that Challenged Creative Limits

    In the shadows of battle, we met a fearless strategist, a commander who yearned for more than just miniatures; he sought a visual legacy that would transcend the battlefield. This fervent follower of Khorne came to us with a commission that would not only challenge our paintbrushes, but also ignite the flame of chaos in every detail.
    His request was clear: to expand his army with colossal figures, led by the demon primarch Angron. The color scheme was to reflect the irrepressible fury of the Devourers of Worlds: blood-red armor, golden trim, black leathers, tarnished bones and, of course, the bloody essence of Khorne.
    This strategist, far from imposing limitations, challenged us to go beyond the conventional. Each hero had a unique request, from Angron’s imposing pose to the special glow of green fire that was to envelop Valkia the Bloody.

    Devoradores de Mundos

    Project photo Ornate & Premium level

    Forging Chaos: The Resurrection of the World Eaters

    Open the doors of our workshop and discover the creative journey that brought the army of Angron and the faithful of Khorne to life. From the initial assembly to the explosion of color, every day has been an odyssey of creativity and mastery.
    The first phase, the assembly of the miniatures, was carried out with millimeter precision, ensuring that each piece fit perfectly. The bases, 3D prints of skulls and blood, became the platform for this chaotic display. The color scheme, inspired by the fury of the Devourers of Worlds, was masterfully applied, with meticulous detailing on each armor, gold trim and ornament.
    The heroes, from the imposing Angron to the indomitable Valkia, were the featured protagonists. Daily photos show the progress from the first strokes to the creation of unique details. Adri strategically dismounted Angron, allowing unparalleled access to every corner of the figure. Lucian, raising the Lord Invocatus’ stand, added a dynamic touch to the composition. Mar, with his distinctive touch, adapted Valkia’s green fire according to the client’s custom preferences.

    Devoradores de Mundos

    World Eaters World Eaters World Eaters World Eaters World Eaters World Eaters World Eaters World Eaters World Eaters World Eaters World Eaters World Eaters

    Devoradores de Mundos

    Valkia the bloody, Premium level

    Devoradores de Mundos

    Jakhal, Ornate level

    Devoradores de Mundos

    Jakhal Ornate

    Devoradores de Mundos

    Lord Invocatus Premium

    Devoradores de Mundos

    Angron, Premium level

    Devoradores de Mundos

    ¡Increíbles! Entre estos y las anteriores remesas ya darán un pelín de miedo en mesa xD


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