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Black Templars Army

    It’s always a pleasure embarking on a new journey through the Warhammer universes, but this time it was an even more exciting challenge. At Art-W Studio, we have had the great assignment of working on a magnificent expansion for the Black Templar army of our regular client, Aaron.

    We faced an impressive legion composed of several infantry units, two mighty Redemptor Dreadnoughts, and an impressive retinue of heroes such as Grand Marshal Helbrecht and Chaplain Grimaldus, among others. In addition, various detachments such as Bladeguard Veterans, Assault Intercessors, Primaris Eradicators and more rounded out this formidable battalion.

    For this project, we not only carried out the painting work, but we also took care of the assembling and magnetizing. Not forgetting the detailed elaboration of the bases, which give the final touch to each figure.

    The chosen style preserved the classic Black Templar scheme. Each unit wore black armour complemented by white shoulder pads, all accented with wear and tear that spoke of the battles fought. The grimdark ambience was achieved through desaturated tones and details of battle damage, giving a look of realism to each figure.

    The individuality of each squad was meticulously respected, with shoulder badges to match their status. All this, always under the guidance of the client, who was very specific in his requirements and turned out to be a true battle partner in this project. Without a doubt, an adventure that will remain in the annals of our studio.


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    Black Templars Army painted miniatures

    Customer briefing

    Huge expansion of the Black Templar army on the horizon

    Aaron, our valued client, was not new to Art-W Studio. He got to know us through our previous projects and was impressed with the quality of our work. Without hesitation, he trusted us to bring his army of Black Templars to life in the Kill Team format. However, this time, he decided to embark on a bigger adventure: a complete army for Warhammer 40K.

    Aaron was very clear about his requests; he wanted his new army to follow the classic Black Templar scheme. Characterised by dark armour and white shoulder pads, but with a twist, he wanted to incorporate our familiar grimdark aesthetic with wear and tear effects and battle damage, giving them a war-hardened appearance.

    He asked us to take special care in the details and heraldry of each unit, looking for a clear distinction between the different squads and heroic characters. This custom request allowed us to explore the rich mythology of Warhammer 40K and bring our personal touch to his grand army.

    Overall picture of the project Ornate level

    Overall picture of the project Ornate level

    The march of the Black Templars

    From the beginning, we understood that this was not just an ordinary assignment, it was an extension of a previous order, and every detail had to fit perfectly.

    The process began with the simultaneous painting of the black armour and white shoulder pads, a task that was carried out with great care to maintain visual consistency across all the figures. Next, we delved into each unit, painting them one by one to meet Aaron’s detailed specifications. Finally, the heroes came to life under our brushes.

    The heroes in particular stand out. As the most representative and characteristic of the Black Templar army, each exuded a unique personality. Painting Helbrecht was an unforgettable experience, his revamp for the 9th edition pleasantly surprised us and kept us excited and engaged throughout the project.

    Black Templars Army assembling and painting process

    Black Templars Army Black Templars Army Black Templars Army Black Templars Army Black Templars Army Black Templars Army Black Templars Army Black Templars Army Black Templars Army Black Templars Army Black Templars Army

    Chaplain Grimaldus Ornate

    Chaplain Grimaldus Ornate

    High Marshall Helbrecht, Premium

    High Marshall Helbrecht, Premium

    Judicar Ornate

    Judicar Ornate

    Grimaldus' retinue Ornate

    Grimaldus’ retinue Ornate

    Neophytes Ornate

    Neophytes Ornate

    Black Templars Army painted miniatures

    Without a doubt, I will be expanding this army with the arrival of 10th edition. The results have been simply perfect.


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