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Grimdark Custodes

    Grimdark Custodes
    Color and paint schemes

    At Art-W Studio, we are always excited to take on a new project. Our latest challenge has been the creation of a majestic Adeptus Grimdark Custodes army, requested by our client, Daniel. This army consists of 22 miniatures, including 1 Trajann Valoris, 1 Shield Captain on Dawn Eagle Jet Bike, 2 Vertus Praetors, 15 Custodian Guard and 3 Allarus Custodians, each meticulously assembled and painted to our Premium level of paint.

    The classic Emperor’s Chosen colour scheme was the client’s choice, adding our own unique dark touch to this iconic design. For the armour, we opted for shimmering golds, polished to luminous perfection. The weapons, on the other hand, were brought to life with OSL effects that simulate the energy crackling inside them, through saturated blue and white tones.

    As part of our commitment to excellence in all aspects, we also took care of the bases, designing them in 3D for extra depth and realism. These finishing touches helped to place the miniatures in a tangible context, further enhancing their presence.

    In this project, we employed around 100 magnets in total, resulting in 66 interchangeable bits between miniatures. This level of custom detail allows for incredible versatility on the battlefield, giving Daniel the freedom to adjust his army as needed. At Art-W Studio, every project is a creative journey and this mission with the Adeptus Custodes was no exception.


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    3D Printing

    Grimdark Custodes army

    Customer briefing

    I want to start my Custodes army with the Watchers of the Gate box.

    Daniel, our client, discovered Art-W Studio through one of our previous projects. He appreciated the darkness and particular style of our work, capturing the vision for his own army of Adeptus Custodes. From the first contact, Daniel presented a clear and challenging idea.

    He requested that the Grimdark Custodes carry the classic Emperor’s Chosen colour scheme, but with a twist: our signature dark touch. He also wanted the weapons to display OSL effects, emulating crackling energy. The complexity didn’t scare Daniel; on the contrary, he added an extra layer: magnetisation. He wanted tactical versatility on the battlefield, and we understood that we had to achieve a level of interchangeability and adaptability never before seen in our pieces.

    Grimdark Custodes - Overview shot of the project

    Overview shot of the project, Premium level

    Custodes in Grimdark style

    Daniel’s challenge called upon three of our best painters. From the first stage, every detail was meticulously planned and executed. The assembly of the miniatures, the elaboration of the sample for the client, and the meticulous task of magnetisation were carried out with precision.

    With the approval of the Grimdark Custodes sample, we moved on to the airbrushing phase, enhancing the bright golds and burgundy tones. This colour scheme required precise application to achieve the visual harmony Daniel was looking for. Next came the tricky part: the OSL effects, which had to reflect the crackle of the energy weapons.

    Each painter played a role in different aspects of the project, allowing for a harmonious and efficient progress. Throughout the process, each of the 100 magnets used, and each of the 66 interchangeable bits were carefully incorporated. The final satisfaction was to see all the pieces, perfectly painted and magnetised, ready for action.

    Grimdark Custodes assembling and painting process

    Grimdark Custodes Grimdark Custodes Grimdark Custodes Grimdark Custodes Grimdark Custodes Grimdark Custodes Grimdark Custodes Grimdark Custodes Grimdark Custodes Grimdark Custodes Grimdark Custodes Grimdark Custodes Grimdark Custodes

    Grimdark Custodes - Allarus Custodians

    Allarus Custodians Premium

    Grimdark Custodes - Vertus Praetor

    Vertus Praetor Premium

    Grimdark Custodes - Custodian Guard

    Custodian Guard Premium

    Grimdark Captain-General Trajann Valoris

    Captain-General Trajann Valoris Premium

    Grimdark Custodes - Vexilus Praetor

    Vexilus Praetor Premium

    Custodes painted miniatures

    Excellent painting and assembling skills, I was honestly nervous at first and wasn’t sure if I should spend the money. After seeing the final units… worth every dollar.


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