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Brutal World Eaters

    Brutal World Eaters
    Color and paint schemes

    Welcome to our latest project at Art-W Studio, where the fury of Khorne takes shape in miniatures overflowing with chaos and brutality! This ambitious project led us to the creation of an army that encapsulates the very essence of the god of blood.
    At the heart of this chaotic horde are 40 Berzerkers, led by the ferocious Angron and accompanied by the Lord Invocatus, the Exalted Eightbound and the Jakhals. In the tradition of the Devourers of Worlds, the red armor gleams with bronze and brass trim, but the real story is told on the bases. Among concrete ruins, skulls and pipes, blood flows in a setting that oozes brutality.
    From assembling the miniatures to crafting the bases, every step was an immersion into the chaotic world of Khorne. 3D printing added unique details, while the three-tiered painting process ensured a vivid depiction of the desired fury. But most striking was Angron, whose incandescent body radiated the fury of the blood god, creating a focal point that was impossible to miss.
    Between anecdotes of double impalements in the case of Lord Invocatus and strips of clotted blood adorning the weapons of the Berzerkers, this project was a journey into the dark aesthetics of Khorne.


    Warhammer 40k

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    ✻ 3D printing

    Devoradores De Mundos Brutales

    Customer briefing

    Blood, Skulls and Chaos: When Khorne’s Vision Becomes Reality

    In his desire to capture the unleashed fury of Khorne’s followers, he entrusted us with the task of transforming his vision into a masterpiece of chaos and destruction.
    From the first contact, his request was clear: he wanted every miniature to breathe brutality, from the Berzerkers to Angron, the red angel fallen from the sky. The classic color scheme of the devourers of worlds served as a starting point, but he wanted more. The bases were to tell the story of plunder and destruction, with ruins, skulls and pipes spilling blood, I even wanted the pipes on the ground to spill blood.
    The special request for Angron added an extra layer of complexity: his fury was to manifest with his incandescent body, radiating firelight. With each interaction, we immersed ourselves in his vision, committed to bringing every detail of his imagination into miniature reality. This was a unique journey into the dark aesthetic of Khorne, and we are excited to share the result of this intense collaboration.

    Devoradores De Mundos Brutales

    Project photo Ornate & Premium level

    Khorne Unchained: The Art of Miniature Destruction

    From day one, we shared a visual progress diary with our client, immersing him in the exciting journey of creation. The journey began with the meticulous assembly of the 40 Berzerkers, triggering the first spark of chaos.
    Daily photos captured the evolution of the bases, from the addition of ruins and skulls to the pipes pouring the essence of the blood god. The blood, the undisputed protagonist, unfolded in multiple layers, from the initial splatters to the coagulated strips decorating the Berserkers’ weapons.
    The three-tiered approach to painting was a meticulous dance, each layer revealing new nuances in the red armor and details of the Jakhals. While Adri focused on the Jakhals and Lucian and Pedro put their skill into the Berserkers, Mar brought the epic Angron to life, making him the visual epicenter of the army.

    Devoradores De Mundos Brutales

    Brutal World Eaters Brutal World Eaters Brutal World Eaters Brutal World Eaters Brutal World Eaters Brutal World Eaters Brutal World Eaters Brutal World Eaters Brutal World Eaters Brutal World Eaters

    Devoradores De Mundos Brutales

    Jakhals, Game level

    Devoradores De Mundos Brutales

    Khorne Berzekers, Game level

    Devoradores De Mundos Brutales

    Exalted Eightbound Ornate

    Devoradores De Mundos Brutales

    Lord Invocatus Premium

    Devoradores De Mundos Brutales

    Angron, Premium level

    Devoradores De Mundos Brutales

    ¡Increíbles! Entre estos y las anteriores remesas ya darán un pelín de miedo en mesa xD


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