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Chaos Knights 40k Ice&Poison

    Greetings from Art-W Studio! We are pleased to share with you one of our most special projects: a set of Chaos Knights 40k with a unique colour scheme, combining the elements of ice and poison. This particular army consists of 10 Dogs of War, a Chaos Knight, Abaddon and Vashtorr, all meticulously painted.

    The colour scheme for Abaddon and Vashtorr follows the traditional pattern, while the others feature a distinctive design: 5 Dogs of War wear icy armour, 5 are covered in poison, and the Chaos Knight harmonises both elements in his armour.

    Weathering is the real protagonist in this project. Starting with purple armour plates, we have worked to achieve a smooth transition to snow and ice effects or realistic weathering with rotting effects. The textures recreate everything from ice stalactites to toxic waste in different colours and textures.

    The miniature bases recreate a snowy or toxic environment, dotted with the remains of an ancient imperial city. Each giant leaves its elemental imprint in its wake. The level of detail and paintwork is Ornate for all figures and Premium for army leaders.


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    Chaos Knights 40k Ice&Poison painted miniatures

    Customer briefing

    I have an original scheme for Chaos Knights 40k

    Florian, a Warhammer enthusiast, approached us with an idea that captured our imagination: he wanted to bring his Chaos Knights 40k army to life with a colour scheme inspired by ice and poison. He had discovered Art-W Studio through Play On Tabletop and decided to contact us to bring his project to fruition.

    What impressed us most about Florian was his level of preparation and detail. He delivered his miniatures perfectly assembled, without any visible mould lines, and with all the weapons well sorted for each of the elements (as they were magnetised). With this excellent starting point, we got down to work and began to prepare two sample miniatures, one for each scheme.

    Abaddon and Vashtorr - Chaos Chaos Knights 40k Ice&Poison

    Abaddon and Vashtorr Premium level



    Chaos Knights 40k custom scheme

    The process of bringing these miniatures to life was an exciting and highly rewarding challenge. Once he was satisfied with our sample miniatures, we dove into the project with enthusiasm. We started with the Chaos Knights 40k , before moving on to the main characters. We kept a constant dialogue with Florian, sending him daily updates with photos to make sure the project was developing as he had envisioned it.

    In the end, when he received his finished army, his enthusiasm and satisfaction was the greatest acknowledgement of our work. We are excited to have Florian’s next commission already on our calendar, and can’t wait to embark on that new project.

    Chaos Knights 40k Ice&Poison assembling and painting process

    Chaos Knights 40k Ice&Poison Chaos Knights 40k Ice&Poison Chaos Knights 40k Ice&Poison Chaos Knights 40k Ice&Poison Chaos Knights 40k Ice&Poison Chaos Knights 40k Ice&Poison Chaos Knights 40k Ice&Poison Chaos Knights 40k Ice&Poison

    Poison War Dog - Chaos Knights 40k Ice&Poison

    Poison War Dog, Ornate

    Ice Chaos Armiger - Chaos Knights 40k Ice&Poison

    Ice Chaos Armiger, Ornate level

    Ice War Dog - Chaos Knights 40k Ice&Poison

    Ice War Dog, Ornate level

    Venom War Dog - Chaos Knights 40k Ice&Poison

    Venom War Dog, Ornate

    War Dog - Chaos Knights 40k Ice&Poison

    War Dog, Ornate

    Very friendly and absolutely fast working studio. I would recommend them any day. They have really good ideas on how to make your dream army a reality.


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