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CK Custom House Army

    An army of Chaos Knights, imposing and terrifying, recently finished. This army is composed of two Knights and ten War Dogs. The aesthetics chosen for the project is mostly bone colored, with random plates of a burgundy tone with brutal weathering that give it a grimdark look. Each miniature has been painted with great skill, reaching a striking result at the Game level, and the bases have been worked at a higher level, Ornate, to create an atmosphere of a desolate city through which the army advances.

    To give personality to the project, decals have been used all over the armor and 3D prints for the Warhammer bases. In addition, battle damage details and aging effects have been added to create a more realistic and raw look. The main focus has been on the contrast between the damaged armor and the captivating light effects highlighted in the lenses of the masks, which creates depth and texture in the painting.

    Instead of the typical golden color, a coppery-bronze tone has been used to achieve a more shadowy and worn aesthetic that fits perfectly with the theme of this faction. In short, an impressive and detailed army has been created, despite being painted at our most basic level. This army will undoubtedly make a great impression on any enemy that crosses its path.


    ✻ Warhammer 40k

    Chaos Knights

    ✻ Painting


    CK Custom House Army

    Customer briefing

    I want to add color to my Chaos Knights

    For a long time, I have been considering painting my Chaos Knights project, and finally, the time has come to embark on this exciting adventure. I love the aesthetics of your work, and I want you to take on the task of painting my army. I envision using a bone color for the armor, combined with random burgundy parts on different armor plates.

    My main objective is to create miniatures that look like ancient machines that have fought for centuries, winning battles, and fighting for the annihilation of humanity in a hostile and dangerous imperial world. I want my Knights to have a realistic and authentic appearance, with evident battle damage and weathering on their armor.

    CK Custom House Army

    General shot of the project, painted at Game level.


    Daily follow-up of the project, Advancing through the rubble

    We chose to customize and give a distinctive touch to the army, focusing on weathering, which is the most representative. We started by painting the Knights as a whole with rust tones (browns, oranges, reds…) and then we worked the metal on that base to create a very realistic weathering that we could use as a base.

    Then we coated all the plates with chipping effect with a special product for it, this allowed us to paint with the airbrush the different pieces of armor and then be able to recreate realistic scratches that let us see the rust of the armor through. For the bases we used 3D printed wall remnants at a smaller scale than usual to make the knights look more imposing.

    We are very satisfied with the final result, and we are sure that your opponents will also appreciate it on the battlefield.

    CK Custom House Army Process

    CK Custom House Army CK Custom House Army CK Custom House Army CK Custom House Army CK Custom House Army CK Custom House Army CK Custom House Army CK Custom House Army CK Custom House Army CK Custom House Army CK Custom House Army CK Custom House Army

    CK Custom House Army war dog

    War Dog, painted at Game level

    CK Custom House Army chaos knight

    Chaos Knight, Game level

    CK Custom House Army war dog level game

    War Dog, level Game

    War Dog, Game level

    CK Custom House Army chaos knight custom

    War Dog, painted Game level

    Custom Chaos Knigh

    Amazing job! The team at Art-W truly brought my Chaos Knights to life with their attention to detail and skillful painting techniques. I couldn’t be happier with the result.


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