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Dark Elves Army

    Dark Elves Army
    Color and paint schemes

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a Dark Elves Army ready for battle? At Art-W Studio we have transformed this vision into reality for a client who gave us the honour of bringing his Warhammer Fantasy army to life.

    This formidable set of miniatures was conceived for a client who had been dreaming for years of having his army ready for battle, inspired by the vivid colours that Games-Workshop presents in its army book.

    The battalion is made up of a rich variety of 110 miniatures, including a magnificent Malekith riding a black dragon, 24 Executioners, 24 Blackguard, 24 Corsairs, 20 Witch Elves, 5 Drakespawn Knights, among others. Each figure was meticulously assembled and painted by our team, with special emphasis on the heroes, which were worked on to an Ornate level.

    We’ve gone for a classic dark elven scheme for this army, using dark metals and purple colours for clothing. The icy creatures glow with shades of jade green and seawater blue. While the horses and dragon wear a deep black colour with a clean metal finish, no rust effects and some highlights to suggest a magical effect. This army is brimming with a dark energy that is simply mesmerising.

    Finally, we have created a miniature world for this army, making bases and decorating movement trays for the infantry and cavalry regiments, all set in a grim environment that perfectly complements these dark elves. This adventure has been a real treat and we hope you enjoy discovering every detail as much as we enjoyed creating it


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    ✼ Dark Elves

    ✻ Assembly

    ✼ Painting

    ✻ Basing

    Dark Elves Army painted miniatures

    Customer briefing

    A great classic Dark Elf army

    As a long-time dreamer of a classic dark elven army, he wanted us to help him bring his idea to life and prepare his loyal soldiers for battle.

    He had in mind a colour scheme inspired by the palettes Games-Workshop shows in their army book. With shades of purple, jade green and aqua sea blue, to reflect a cohesion throughout the army. His special request was that we treat this army with the utmost attention to detail, highlighting its uniqueness and character, but keeping its sinister essence.

    Our commission turned into a project that ranged from the assembly of the miniatures, the painting, to the elaboration of the bases and the decoration of the movement trays. This was a task we accepted with enthusiasm, excited to give shape to this peculiar and fascinating vision.

    General photo of the project

    General photo of the project, level Game and Ornate

    From the shadows advance the Dark Elf hosts

    Our journey through this project has been like sailing through a fascinating sea of intricate detail and mesmerising tones. We started with the army assembly stage, each figure precisely placed, while one of our team members developed the colour scheme on a miniature guide.

    With the scheme in place, our painters divided the painting tasks according to unit types, leaving Malekith for a dedicated painter. As we progressed, the daily updates sent to our client reflected the gradual emergence of a towering Dark Elves Army.

    A crucial aspect of this project was to ensure an aesthetic and balanced formation for the miniatures within their regiments and movement trays. In addition, we had to maintain a unified scheme while differentiating certain units from the general’s perspective on the battlefield.

    The jewel in the crown of this project was the transformation of the haughty Tyrion, a bitter enemy of the dark elves, cunningly integrated into the client’s army. With dark and purple tones and a sword of incandescent metal, Tyrion promises to be a formidable opponent in any future battle.

    Dark Elves Army assembling and painting process

    Dark Elves Army Dark Elves Army Dark Elves Army Dark Elves Army Dark Elves Army Dark Elves Army Dark Elves Army Dark Elves Army Dark Elves Army Dark Elves Army Dark Elves Army Dark Elves Army Dark Elves Army Dark Elves Army

    Dark elven sorcerer

    Dark elven sorcerer, Ornate

    Drakespawn Chariot

    Drakespawn Chariot, Game level

    Dark Elves Executioners

    Dark Elves Executioners, Game level

    Dark Elven Sorceress

    Dark Elven Sorceress, Ornate


    Morathi, Ornate level

    Dark Elves Army painted miniatures

    Finally my Druchii look as they deserve! They adapted to my instructions, and the result was spectacular. I will repeat.


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