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Winter Sylvaneth Army

    We have brought to life an entire Sylvaneth army inspired by the majesty of the snowy forests of Northern Europe.

    This marvellous army, whose coldness is felt right down to the tips of our brushes’ bristles, is made up of a great selection of figures: 1 Alarielle, 10 Dryads, 6 Kurnoth Hunters, 10 Gossamid Archers, 3 Spiterider Lancers, 3 Revenant Seekers, 1 Druanti the Arch-Revenant, 10 Tree-Revenants, 1 Spirit of Durthu, 1 Tree-Lord, 1 Drycha Hamadreth, 1 Warsong revenant, and 6 scenery trees. Each figure was carefully assembled by our team before the paint and brush began to work their magic.

    In terms of colour, we have followed a palette that evokes the icy beauty of a forest in winter. The wood of the figures ranges from dark green to light brown. The branches and foliage, on the other hand, seem to be covered in an eternal frost, transitioning from a saturated blue to an icy white. And of course, we have added purple details to emphasise the magical and enchanted atmosphere of this Sylvaneth army.

    But that’s not all, we have also designed the bases to reflect the same winter environment. Each one is decorated with artificial snow and 3D printed elements that enhance the feeling of being in the middle of a Nordic Forest. We have taken care of every detail, from assembly to painting and decoration, to ensure that each figure exudes the cold and majesty of the snowy forests.


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    ✻ Basing

    ✼ 3D Printing

    Winter Sylvaneth Army painted miniatures

    Customer briefing

    Ice – themed Sylvaneth Army

    Our loyal client and now friend, Florian, returned to Art-W Studio to bring a new vision to life. After working together on his ice and poison themed Chaos Knights project, he decided to put his trust once again in us. This time, his dream was to build a Sylvaneth army that reflected the beauty and intense cold of the forests of Northern Europe.

    Florian wanted a specific colour palette; greens and blues that gradually turned to white, evoking the feeling of a forest on the verge of freezing. In addition, he wanted a lot of snow, both on the miniatures and the bases, to realistically convey the icy atmosphere of a winter forest.

    In addition, he emphasised the importance of detail: he wanted the areas of frozen vegetation to glow in pure white, and the wings of the creatures that lift the Revenants to be particularly impressive. We decided to raise his level of painting to meet his expectations. This project, as well as being a new challenge, strengthened our relationship with Florian, proving once again that at Art-W Studio, every project is an opportunity to push our own limits.

    Winter Sylvaneth Army - General photo of the project

    General photo of the project level Game & Ornate

    Winter is coming with Sylvaneth

    The process of bringing this new project to fruition for Florian was painstaking and fascinating. We started with the assembly of the entire army, with a dedicated painter creating a sample miniature using an infantry revenant. This little soldier was a perfect sample of the whole project, with elements of wood, ice, magic and the spectral.

    With Florian’s approval, we split the project between our talented hands. Two of our painters took care of the miniatures with more arboreal features, while two others focused on the more spectral aspects. The heroes, the figures with more detail and personality, were left for last.

    Florian was particularly interested in making the icy areas in the vegetation zones look very white, and he wanted the spectral skins and wings of the creatures that make the Revenants fly to be truly spectacular. We adjusted our plans to meet his expectations, increasing the level of detail and realism.

    What was most fascinating was that Florian continued to build his vision as we went along. Requests for colour changes were frequent, and each one was an opportunity to adapt our techniques and overcome new challenges. The end result was an unforgettable Sylvaneth army, a true reflection of the frozen forests of northern Europe.

    Winter Sylvaneth Army assembling and painting process

    Winter Sylvaneth Army Winter Sylvaneth Army Winter Sylvaneth Army Winter Sylvaneth Army Winter Sylvaneth Army Winter Sylvaneth Army Winter Sylvaneth Army Winter Sylvaneth Army Winter Sylvaneth Army Winter Sylvaneth Army

    Winter Sylvaneth Army - Tree-Revenants

    Tree-Revenants level Game

    Winter Sylvaneth Army - Spirit of Durthu

    Spirit of Durthu, Ornate

    Winter Sylvaneth Army - Warsong Revenant

    Warsong Revenant, Ornate

    Winter - Alarielle

    Alarielle, Ornate

    Winter Sylvaneth Army - Revenant Seekers

    Revenant Seekers Game

    Winter Army painted miniatures

    Love it. Please give the artist from the wardogs and the sylvaneth my thanks for the work.


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