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Dark T’au Army

    Dark T’au Army
    Color and paint schemes

    We recently completed an exciting project at Art-W Studio: a massive T’au army. This military force is composed of a wide variety of troops and units, including an impressive Ta’unar. For their aesthetic, we drew inspiration from a combination of black and red that creates a striking visual effect on the battlefield.

    To paint the miniatures, we used a combination of Game and Ornate levels, and do Ornate snowy bases to further enhance the intensity of the colors and achieve a perfect contrast. To add a touch of realism and a more grimdark look, we added battle damage details and weathering effects. One of the most impressive aspects is the captivating green light effects that stand out in the lenses of all armors.

    In addition, we used a large number of faction-specific markings with their own numbering system, which added an impressive level of detail. Despite infantry being painted at our most basic level, we managed to integrate each piece of the army perfectly with the large Ornate painted armors that are the pieces that stand out the most on the tabletop.

    The final result is an incredibly detailed and well-painted army that is sure to attract attention in any Warhammer game. We are very proud to have completed this project and are confident that our client’s opponents will be delighted with the result.


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    Dark T’au Army

    Customer briefing

    I have a huge T’au Army to paint.

    After years of completing my collection, I’ve decided to embark on an exciting adventure: painting my super T’au army. I’ve chosen Art-W Studio for this project because I love the aesthetic of your work. For the color scheme, I’d like black armor with red accents.

    I want all the weapons to be magnetized so that I can easily switch between them. I also want the armor to have a weathered look, with battle damage and scratches from past conflicts. The army is currently set in a snowy biome, with small rock formations. I’d like the lighting effects on the armor to be eye-catching and striking.

    I’m excited to see what you come up with for this project, and I trust your expertise in bringing my vision to life. Thank you for taking on this project, and I look forward to seeing the final result.

    Dark T’au Army

    General shot of the project, painted at Game and Ornate level.

    Follow up, Frozen death

    The first thing we did when this project came to our hands was to organize the magnetization very well. There were hundreds of weapons to magnetize and paint, and we needed to have everything well ordered, making sure that the polarity of all the magnets was correct and that nothing escaped us.

    Once everything was assembled and primed, we started with the first sample of the scheme, opting to use red in the clothing of the infantry and in some plates and ornaments of the combat armor. We didn’t want to make the armor damage effects too devastating because, being a faction that shies away from close combat, it didn’t make sense. In the Ornate level armors, we dedicated more effort to the light effects, creating more believable reflections throughout the armor. We also included very realistic rust effects on the metallic components.

    We are very satisfied with the final result of this huge Dark T’au Army, and we are sure that their adversaries will also appreciate it on the battlefield.

    T'au Black Army Process

    Dark T’au Army Dark T’au Army Dark T’au Army Dark T’au Army Dark T’au Army Dark T’au Army Dark T’au Army Dark T’au Army Dark T’au Army Dark T’au Army Dark T’au Army Dark T’au Army Dark T’au Army Dark T’au Army Dark T’au Army Dark T’au Army

    Dark T’au Army KX139 Ta’unar

    KX139 Ta’unar, Painted, Ornate level

    T'au Dark Army O’Shaserra

    O’Shaserra, commander Shadowsun, Ornate level

    Dark T’au Army XV95 Ghostkeel

    XV95 Ghostkeel, Ornate level

    Dark T’au Army XV8 Crisis

    XV8 Crisis, Game

    Dark T’au Army XV25 Stealth

    XV25 Stealth, painted, level Game

    Dark T’au Army

    The models look incredible, I am blown away by the level of detail and skill put into them. I couldn’t be happier with the result, they exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much for your amazing work!


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