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White Custodes

    White Custodes
    Color and paint schemes

    From Art-W Studio we are proud to present our latest work: a squad of Adeptus White Custodes, belonging to the fascinating universe of Warhammer 40K. This project has been an exciting challenge that has allowed us to unleash our creativity and technical skills.

    The army, consisting of 5 Custodian Guard, 6 Pretores Vertus, a Comptentor Achillus and a majestic Telemon, has been painted in a polished marble white colour scheme, full of luminosity and elegance. The counterpoint to this immaculate white comes in the form of gleaming gold accents, layers of crimson red and a finishing touch of violet highlights, giving them a look that is both noble and fearsome.

    Each miniature sits on a base that recreates a modern city in ruins, meticulously created with 3D toppers, providing an amazing level of detail and realism. This environment provides a perfect backdrop for our warriors, giving them a setting to match their imposing figure.

    This project has been developed at the request of a client who wanted to expand his Adeptus Custodes army, placing his trust in our team of expert painters and modellers. We are excited about the final result, which we hope will be as satisfactory for you as it has been for our client.


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    3D Printing

    White Custodes army

    Customer briefing

    I have a new batch of Custodes.

    An old acquaintance of Art-W Studio knocked on our door again, with an exciting request in hand. This client, who already owned an army of Adeptus Custodes with our signature, decided it was time to expand his forces and knew we were the right team to handle the task.

    His request was clear: maintain the aesthetic cohesion with the polished marble white colour scheme, gold decorations and crimson capes that we had already realised in the past. But he wanted to add two combat bipods to the mix, which gave us the opportunity to be even more creative. He also added a personal touch, requesting that all the unhelmeted figures have a dark complexion, providing a captivating contrast to the pure white of the armour.

    White Custodes - General photo of the project

    General photo of the project, Ornate level

    Custodes, with white marble scheme

    The creation of this Adeptus Custodes army was a painstaking and exciting journey. At Art-W Studio, we started by printing the toppers for the bases, followed by careful painting. Once completed, we got down to work on the miniatures, dividing the tasks between three of our expert painters.

    The white colour scheme was crucial. We had to light the right spots and colour the shadows to achieve a vibrant and attractive white. The gold details were further highlighted with contrasting violet OSL effects.

    By special request of the customer, the unhelmeted figures have a dark complexion, creating a striking contrast to the polished white of the armour. This meticulous process is the reason why we can enjoy these magnificent miniatures today.

    White Custodes Painting process

    White Custodes White Custodes White Custodes White Custodes White Custodes White Custodes White Custodes White Custodes White Custodes White Custodes White Custodes White Custodes White Custodes White Custodes White Custodes

    White Custodes - Custodian Guards

    Custom Primaris Lieutenant, Ornate level

    White Custodes - Achillus Dreadnought

    Desolator Marines, Ornate level

    White Custodes - Vertus Praetors

    Primaris Eradicator, Ornate level

    White Custodes - Telemon Dreadnought

    Primaris Eradicators, Ornate level

    White Custodes - Vertus Praetor

    Dreadnought Brutalis, painted Ornate

    White Custodes painted miniatures

    What an awesome set of minis. I love them.


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