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Grimdark Space Wolves

    Grimdark Space Wolves
    Color and paint schemes

    Welcome to a new and exciting chapter in our studio! This time, we have had the honour of working together with Miguel, a passionate client who has trusted us from the very beginning.

    We are pleased to present you this magnificent expansion of his Grimdark Space Wolves army. The project is composed of three unique units: the ferocious Longfangs, the imposing Eradicators and the loyal Wolf Guards. Each of these miniatures has been meticulously painted in the particular scheme of their army. A light grey that combines impressively with white shoulder pads and tan details on their armour, creating an imposing and sombre look.

    But there is one figure that stands out from the rest, the sergeant of the Long Fangs. On this occasion, Miguel has opted for a more traditional wolf blue, reminiscent of the classic metal figures that have left their mark on Warhammer history.

    In addition, the weathering effect has been one of the strong points of this project. We have managed to recreate the wear and tear on the armour, the rust that evidences past battles, the dusty pigmentation on the boots and the blood splashes that tell the stories of their epic battles.

    As for the bases, we have followed the aesthetics of previous releases. A Mars-like desert world, with huge rock formations and dust enveloping each figure, giving them a desolate and mysterious environment.

    We are proud to say that, thanks to Miguel’s exceptional work, these miniatures have been customised and converted with an amazing level of detail. However, on this occasion, we have been able to skip the assembly process and focus directly on painting and bases.

    Miguel needed this extension for an imminent tournament, so we have worked hard to meet his expectations. And now, with the tenth edition in mind, we are excited for the future expansions that this exciting project has in store.


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    Customer briefing

    I have a new batch of Grimdark Space Wolves.

    The story of this exciting project began some time ago, when our talented client, Miguel, discovered us in his first steps into the fascinating world of Warhammer. Since then, we have had the privilege of collaborating on several previous releases that have taken his army of grimdark space wolves to greatness.

    Recently, Miguel contacted us with a small expansion in mind, consisting of Longfangs, Eradicators and Wolf Guards. With great enthusiasm, he conveyed his vision and asked us to paint these new additions following the particular scheme of his army.

    He gave us his full confidence and encouraged us to get creative with the weathering effects, allowing us to unleash our skills to recreate wear, rust and traces of battle on the armour. With their impending tournament in mind, the pressure and excitement was present in every exchange.

    General photo of the Premium level project

    Space Wolves in Grimdark style

    Throughout each day of work, we shared with Miguel the progress of each miniature through photographs sent via Whatsapp. From the first brush strokes to the final details, each stage was exciting and full of anticipation. Constant communication allowed us to adjust every detail according to his precise indications, ensuring that the final result met his high expectations.

    This process not only allowed us to deliver quality work, but also cemented our relationship with Miguel. Together, we immersed ourselves in his vision and managed to bring to life an army of grimdark space wolves that exceeded his expectations. Every step of the way was exciting and rewarding, and we look forward to future additions to this exciting project.

    Grimdark Space Wolves Grimdark Space Wolves Grimdark Space Wolves Grimdark Space Wolves Grimdark Space Wolves Grimdark Space Wolves Grimdark Space Wolves Grimdark Space Wolves Grimdark Space Wolves Grimdark Space Wolves Grimdark Space Wolves

    Sergeant Long Fangs Premium

    Wulfen sergeant, Premium level

    Wolf guard, Premium

    Eradicators, Premium

    Captain Wolf guard, Premium

    Very satisfied with the experience at Art-W Studio. Their attention to detail and skill are exceptional.


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