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Strike Force Agastus

    Our latest project: a Warhammer 40,000 Space Wolves commission, based on the new Strike Force Agastus Space Marine box. This challenging work has allowed us to delve into the world of the fierce Space Wolves and bring to life these miniatures full of details.

    This project has included the assembly, painting and decoration of bases of several units: 1 Primaris Lieutenant (custom), 1 Dreadnought Brutalis, 5 Heavy Intercessors (which we converted into Eradicators) and 10 Desolator Marines. We have followed the color scheme of the previous project for the same client, using a predominantly light gray aesthetic with tribal markings in blue and a grimdark look overall. The bases have been set in a snowy world with low vegetation, achieving a coherent and unique environment.

    We have applied battle damage details and weathering on the miniatures, bringing a realistic and raw look to these warrior units. Both the level of painting and decoration of the bases in the whole project has been level 2 (Ornate Level).


    Warhammer 40k

    Space Marines




    3D Printing

    Strike Force Agastus army

    Customer briefing

    I want an Strike Force Agastus

    The client discovered us some time ago, when we made a previous Space Wolves project for him. He was so satisfied with the result that, when the new Strike Force Space Agastus Marine box was announced, he didn’t hesitate to contact us to expand his army.

    From the beginning, the client was very clear about the color scheme he wanted: the same used in the previous project, with a predominant light gray, tribal markings in blue and an overall grimdark look. In addition, he wanted the bases to be consistent with the previous ones, set in a snowy world with low vegetation.

    Strike Force Agastus painted miniatures

    General photo of the project, Ornate level

    Agastus Space Wolves

    The process of this project has been exciting, as it has allowed us to get back into the exciting universe of Warhammer 40000 and the Space Wolves. We started assembling all the miniatures, making sure they were spectacular and dynamic and ready for painting.

    Once assembled, we got down to work with the painting, following the color scheme already established in the previous project, which allowed us to streamline the process and maintain consistency in the client’s army. As for the bases, we based on the aesthetics of the previous project, recreating a snowy environment with low vegetation that fit perfectly with the overall look of the army.

    During the days of the project, we maintained constant communication with our client, sharing photos of the daily progress and adjusting details according to their preferences. This way, we were able to make sure that every step of the process was in line with his expectations and that the final result was just what he had in mind.

    Assembling and painting process of Strike Force Agastus

    Strike Force Agastus Strike Force Agastus Strike Force Agastus Strike Force Agastus Strike Force Agastus Strike Force Agastus Strike Force Agastus Strike Force Agastus Strike Force Agastus Strike Force Agastus Strike Force Agastus

    Custom Primaris Lieutenant - Strike Force Agastus

    Custom Primaris Lieutenant, Ornate level

    Desolator Marines - Strike Force Agastus

    Desolator Marines, Ornate level

    Primaris Eradicator - Strike Force Agastus

    Primaris Eradicator, Ornate level

    Primaris Eradicators - Strike Force Agastus

    Primaris Eradicators, Ornate level

    Dreadnought Brutalis - Strike Force Agastus

    Dreadnought Brutalis, painted Ornate

    Strike Force Agastus miniatures

    Incredible work on my Space Wolves! The quality and details are amazing.


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