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Harlequin B&W Army

    Harlequin B&W Army
    Color and paint schemes

    Get ready to enter a world of fantasy and excitement, where Harlequins reign supreme in a ballet of war and beauty. In our latest project at Art-W Studio, we dove headfirst into the task of bringing to life an Aeldaris themed army, inspired by the captivating aesthetics of the Japanese manga “D.GRAY-MAN”.
    With an impressive variety of miniatures ranging from sleek Shadowseers to formidable Starweavers, each piece was carefully selected to capture the vibrant essence of the Harlequins. Inspired by the manga characters, we opted for black and white color schemes, with pops of color adding depth and personality to each figure.
    But the real magic lies in the custom bases that accompany these miniature masterpieces. Transforming the bases into dreamscapes, every detail, from the water lilies to the lily pads, was created with love and attention to detail. Using 3D printing technology, we were able to add unique elements that elevate these bases to new heights of realism and beauty.
    From the initial assembly to the final touch of paint, every phase of the process was executed with precision and passion. At Art-W Studio, we pride ourselves on delivering work that goes beyond expectations, creating a visual experience that will captivate all who encounter this impressive army.


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    Harlequin B&W Army

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    Ejército Arlequines B&W

    Customer briefing

    Harlequins: War Dance in the Swamp

    The story of this project began with a direct message on our social networks, full of enthusiasm and expectation. A passionate Warhammer fan, influenced by the captivating world of the “D.GRAY-MAN” manga.
    He approached us with a bold vision in mind: an army of Aeldaris that captured the essence of the manga in every detail. From the outset, it was clear that this would not be a conventional project. With infectious energy, the client shared his desires to see the Harlequins painted in a black and white color scheme, emulating the aesthetic of the manga characters.
    In addition, he expressed his desire for the bases to be an extension of the theme, depicting a swamp landscape full of life and mystery. With every word, his passion for visual storytelling and creativity became evident, and we knew we were in for a challenge that would inspire us to reach new heights in our art.

    Ejército Arlequines B&W

    General picture of the project Game, Ornate & Premium level

    Dancing with Death: Harlequin Themed Army

    The process of bringing this Aeldaris themed army to life was an exciting journey full of memorable moments. From day one, our team was committed to keeping the client informed and excited about every step of the process.
    Through daily images, we captured the magic of the creative process, from the initial assembly of the miniatures to the final details on the custom bases. Each photo shared was more than an update; it was an opportunity for our client to immerse themselves in our world, experiencing firsthand the effort and dedication we put into their project.
    These images not only documented the physical progress of their army, but also served as visual reminders of the passion and commitment we devoted to every detail.
    As we moved forward, the client’s excitement grew, fueled by the transparency and open communication that characterized our relationship. At every stage of the process, we strived to make our client feel integral to the creation of their personal masterpiece.

    Ejército Arlequines B&W

    Harlequin B&W Army Harlequin B&W Army Harlequin B&W Army Harlequin B&W Army Harlequin B&W Army Harlequin B&W Army Harlequin B&W Army Harlequin B&W Army Harlequin B&W Army Harlequin B&W Army Harlequin B&W Army Harlequin B&W Army Harlequin B&W Army Harlequin B&W Army Harlequin B&W Army

    Ejército Arlequines B&W

    Shadowseer, Ornate level

    Ejército Arlequines B&W

    Solitaire Premium

    Ejército Arlequines B&W

    Troupe Game

    Ejército Arlequines B&W

    Skyweavers, Game

    Ejército Arlequines B&W

    Troupe Master, Premium

    Ejército Arlequines B&W

    The whole process has been an absolute pleasure. What really stands out to me is the communication with the Art-W team.


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