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Necron Kill team

    Necron Kill team
    Color and paint schemes

    Greetings, hobby lovers! At Art-W Studio, we have just completed a project that has had us working flat out. Our latest challenge has been a Necron Kill Team, commissioned by our friend and client, Daniel. Composed of a Psychomancer, a Chronomancer and five powerful Immortals, this group had a tight schedule, a tournament was imminent.

    But we’re not afraid of a challenge here. We set about the task with brushes in hand, using a metallic base characteristic of the Necrons, covered with armour plates in shades of blue. But what really stands out is the green energy emanating from their weapons, an effect called OSL that we achieved by rendering the lighting emitted by the objects. To top it off, we added a touch of gold ornamentation and a chipping effect on the armour, reflecting the wear and tear of millennia of warfare.

    Let’s not forget about the bases. Set in a ruined urban environment, they perfectly represent the desolate world the necrons inhabit. Details like debris and dust add depth and realism. And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve designed and assembled them from scratch, even including 3D printed elements to take detail to a whole new level.


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    Necrons Kill team painted miniatures

    Customer briefing

    I have a tournament coming up.

    Daniel met us a long time ago through our website, where our lovingly painted miniatures shine with their own light. A few days ago, after years of that first contact and lots of projects together, he contacted us again. Daniel had a tournament coming up and needed our help. With a very specific colour scheme in mind, he wanted to highlight his Necrons with blue armour and golden ornamentation.

    Necrons Kill team - General picture of the gang

    General picture of the gang, Ornate

    A band of Necrons for Kill team is on the way

    Oh, and speaking of challenges… This project had a countdown clock. Daniel had a tournament coming up and we needed the miniatures as soon as possible. But, as life sometimes has a peculiar sense of humour, Warhammer had run out of stock. So, we became miniature detectives, surfing the internet and calling every shop we knew. In the end, we managed to get the precious miniatures just in time – we have never worked so fast or celebrated a courier package so much!

    As it was such an express project, we completed it the same day we started, we showed him a sample early in the morning and by late afternoon we were sending him the final photos.

    Necrons Kill team assembling and painting process

    Necrons Kill team Necrons Kill team Necrons Kill team Necrons Kill team Necrons Kill team Necrons Kill team Necrons Kill team Necrons Kill team Necrons Kill team Necrons Kill team Necrons Kill team Necrons Kill team Necrons Kill team

    Necrons Kill team - Necron Psycomante

    Necron Psycomante Ornate

    Necrons Kill team - Necron Chronomancer

    Necron Chronomancer Ornate

    Necrons Kill team - Immortal

    Immortal Ornate

    Necrons Kill team - Immortal Necrons

    Immortal Necrons Ornate

    Necrons Kill team - Immortal Necron

    Immortal Necron Ornate

    Necrons Kill team army

    With a few photos and some basic ideas, they have brought my Necrons to life on the gaming table.


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