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Infinity Miniatures

    Infinity Miniatures
    Color and paint schemes

    On this occasion, we have immersed ourselves in the captivating universe of Infinity, giving life to a collection of miniatures that defies the limits of what is possible.

    This multifaceted project has led us to work with 20 miniatures belonging to different factions of the game. We have witnessed how each of these little figures has come to life in our expert hands. With precision and skill, we have assembled each piece, making sure that their structure is flawless and reflects the essence of the game.

    The colour schemes we have used are a tribute to the game’s original box. Following its vibrant and eye-catching style, we have made each miniature come alive with its own personality. The colours intertwine in a harmonic dance, highlighting the most intricate details and adding depth to each figure.

    But we have not stopped there. The bases are the stage where these little works of art come to life. We have deployed our creativity and technical skills to 3D print a variety of industrial ruins and floors, adding depth and realism to each miniature. The cyberpunk style we have chosen transports the figures to a futuristic and vibrant environment, full of dazzling colours and captivating effects.

    Are you ready to join us in this exciting project? Read on and discover how our passion for modelling and our commitment to excellence have resulted in a collection of miniatures that will take your breath away.


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    Customer briefing

    I want to start a collection of Infinity miniatures

    At Art-W Studio, client satisfaction is our number one priority. And that’s how our latest project came to fruition. A client we had worked with in the past contacted us during Black Friday, determined to dive into the captivating world of Infinity.

    Knowing our dedication and skills in miniature painting, the client approached us with a clear vision in mind. He wanted a collection that captured the essence of the game, but with a personal touch. He set us the task of following a colour scheme very similar to the original box, to maintain consistency with the factions.

    Every project is an opportunity to realise the dreams of those who trust us. We are excited to be part of this exciting journey and bring to life the miniature collection that our client always dreamed of.

    General photo of the project, Premium level

    An amazing collection of Infinity miniatures

    The process of creating this project has been a true journey of collaboration and constant communication with our client. From day one, we got down to work and shared with him the daily progress of the project.

    Our client gave us valuable feedback and guided us along the way to ensure that every detail was in line with his vision. It was a back and forth process of tweaking and refining, with the ultimate goal of creating a collection that exceeded his expectations.

    At Art-W Studio, we value transparency and fluid communication with our clients. Each day was an opportunity to share the enthusiasm and excitement of seeing their project transform into something extraordinary. We are grateful for the trust he placed in us and thrilled to have been part of this journey together.

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    Indigo Specs-Ops and Copperbot Remotes, Premium level

    Oktavia Grímsdóttir and Securitate, Premium level

    Knauf, Premium level

    Panoceania knight of Santiago, Premium

    Streloks, Kazak Reconnaissance, Premium

    Art-W Studio has proven to be the best miniature painting service. Their artistic quality and commitment to customer satisfaction are second to none.


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