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Kill Team: Kommandos

    Kill Team: Kommandos
    Color and paint schemes

    We’re excited to share with you our latest completed project: a fantastic Kill Team: Kommandos! This project has allowed us to explore a different yet challenging approach, but the end result is stunning and full of details.

    The Kill Team is composed of 2 nobles, a bomb tick and several orks, all painted at Vistoso level, which enhances the quality and finish of the miniatures. We have been in charge of assembling the figures, painting them and decorating the bases, giving life to this band of orks.

    We have opted for a muted and desaturated color scheme, following the grimdark aesthetics. Instead of the typical green ork skins, we have used a more faded olive tone that gives a more realistic and sinister look to these creatures.

    The bases recreate a lava environment, with the orks standing on rocks that are surrounded by pools of lava. Creating a striking contrast to the miniatures, while evoking the dangerous and volatile atmosphere in which these orks thrive.

    For a more visually appealing finish, we have recreated rust on all metal parts. The clothes and leathers worn by the orks are dark brown and black, which highlights the contrast between the green of the skin and the silver color of the machinery. These garments are full of scratches, representing the wear and tear and aging they suffer in their countless battles.

    In short, this Ork Kill Team: Kommandos is a perfect example of the skill and dedication we put into every Warhammer iniature painting project here at Art-W Studio. We are proud of the result and hope you like it as much as we do.


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    ✼ Orks

    ✻ Assembly

    ✼ Painting

    ✻ Basing

    Kill Team Kommandos

    Customer briefing

    I’d like a Kommandos for KT

    I have some Kill Team Komandos boxes that are begging for color, so I will send it to you to paint and bring these orks to life. I rely on your expertise and creativity to choose the right colors and techniques for these figures, giving them a unique and eye-catching look.

    I’d like the bases to show an interesting environment and for the miniatures to stand out on the battlefield. I would also appreciate it if you could add wear and aging details to the miniatures, to make them look like real ork warriors that have been through countless engagements.

    I am sure that with your talent and experience you will achieve something spectacular with these miniatures, I can’t wait to show them off at my next tournament.

    Kill Team Kommandos

    General photo of the project, level Ornate

    Follow up, greenskins

    We faced the challenge of bringing these miniatures to life with a unique and different style from what you usually see.

    Our focus was on creating weathering and aging details on the miniatures, with rust effects on all the metal parts and scratches on the orks’ dark clothes and leathers.

    Throughout the project, we paid special attention to details and textures, both on the miniatures and on the bases. We designed a lava environment that conveys the danger and ferocity of the orks. It was a challenge to find the perfect balance between realism and visual impact, but we are proud of the result.

    We put our creativity and passion into each miniature, making sure that each figure had a unique identity and a striking look.

    Kill Team Kommandos process

    Kill Team: Kommandos Kill Team: Kommandos Kill Team: Kommandos Kill Team: Kommandos Kill Team: Kommandos Kill Team: Kommandos Kill Team: Kommandos Kill Team: Kommandos Kill Team: Kommandos Kill Team: Kommandos Kill Team: Kommandos Kill Team: Kommandos Kill Team: Kommandos Kill Team: Kommandos

    Kill Team Kommandos: Ork kommandos

    Ork kommandos, painted at Ornate level

    Kill Team Kommandos: Ork

    Ork, Ornate level

    Kill Team Kommandos: Specialist

    Specialist, Ornate level

    Kill Team Kommandos: Ork Nob

    Ork Nob, Ornate

    Kill Team Kommandos: Bomb Squig

    Bomb Squig, Ornate

    Kill Team Kommandos

    I am absolutely delighted with the miniatures. Their attention to detail and style are spectacular, they have really exceeded my expectations!


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