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Kor’sarro Khan & Guard

    Kor’sarro Khan & Guard
    Color and paint schemes

    In the depths of Art-W Studio, we have brought to life a project that goes beyond simple miniatures; it is a captivating visual narrative. Imagine Kor’sarro Khan, imposing in his leadership, surrounded by three Bladeguards, each telling their own story on the canvas of war.
    This unique set doesn’t just follow the traditional White Scars scheme; it redefines it. The white armor and red trim are just the surface of a deeper transformation. Each miniature has gone through a meticulous customization process, using kitbashing techniques, green stuff and 3D printed elements that have elevated these figures to the status of masterpieces.
    The color palette is not just pigment; it is an expression of history. The scars of war are apparent in every crack and scratch, painted with the precision of a master artist. But we don’t stop there. The bases, detailed recreations of weathered battlefields, add depth and context to each miniature.
    From assembly to painting to the creation of the bases, each phase has been executed with the excellence that only Art-W Studio can offer. This project is the culmination of passion and skill, a masterpiece on the vast canvas of Warhammer 40,000.


    Warhammer 40k

    ✻ Vior’la & Farsight Army


    ✻ 3D printing


    ✻ Basing


    ✻ Conversion

    Kor'sarro Khan y Guardia

    Customer briefing

    The Odyssey of Chogoris Warriors

    Our journey with this project began with a message, a connection that was forged in the client’s desire to bring to life his unique vision in the world of Warhammer. This lover of strategy and tactics wasn’t just looking for miniatures; he craved the essence of his warriors in every detail. He challenged us to capture the essence of the White Scars with their white armor and red trim, but with a touch of authenticity that only Art-W Studio could provide.
    His only request: that these figures become the embodiment of the Fifth Legion Space Marines, with Mongolian details on the Bladeguard and subtle adjustments to Commander Khan.
    In our first conversation, the client entrusted us with his project with a creative freedom that inspired us. He wanted us to capture the essence of the Chogoris warriors, but with personal touches that would make them unique on the battlefield. This challenge excited us and pushed us to seek excellence in every detail.

    Kor'sarro Khan y Guardia

    Photo of the project Premium level

    The Transformation of Kor’sarro Khan and his Bladeguards

    In the bowels of Art-W Studio Commander Kor’sarro Khan leads the cosmic dance of war alongside his three Bladeguards, a symphony of miniatures that takes the Warhammer 40,000 narrative to new heights.
    From the first click of 3D printers to the last brush stroke, every aspect of this commission has been a statement of unfettered creativity. The originally static Bladeguards have been transformed into authentic White Scars warriors using kitbashing techniques that have elevated their presence to a new dimension.
    The color scheme, an ode to the classic White Scars, is just the beginning. White armor and red piping are the base, but layers of detail, shadows and highlights have been applied with surgical precision. The art of war is reflected in every angle, every edge masterfully crafted.
    But this is not just a visual display. The bases, with their skillful recreation of weathered battlefields, immerse the miniatures in the narrative of war. 3D printed bits add an auditory dimension, an echo of battle that resonates in the viewer’s imagination.

    Kor'sarro Khan y Guardia

    Kor'sarro Khan & Guard Kor'sarro Khan & Guard Kor'sarro Khan & Guard Kor'sarro Khan & Guard Kor'sarro Khan & Guard Kor'sarro Khan & Guard Kor'sarro Khan & Guard Kor'sarro Khan & Guard

    Kor'sarro Khan y Guardia

    Bladeguard, Premium level

    Kor'sarro Khan y Guardia

    Bladeguard Premium

    Kor'sarro Khan y Guardia

    Kor’sarro Khan Premium

    Kor'sarro Khan y Guardia

    Bladeguard Premium

    Kor'sarro Khan y Guardia

    Kor’sarro Khan & Bladeguard, Premium level

    Kor'sarro Khan y Guardia

    ¡Increíbles! Entre estos y las anteriores remesas ya darán un pelín de miedo en mesa xD


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